Monday, September 1, 2008

September Goals

Frugal Trenches has posted her September goals and I'm jumping on the bandwagon.

1. Ten No Spend Days - I've mentioned before how much I suck at having "no spend days" so lets see if I can manage ten. Are items with rebates considered spending?

2. Acquire Collapsible Luggage - I've kept my eye out at garage sales but so far haven't had any luck. I hate paying full price for something I'll use once a year but this needs to be done...and soon :(

3. Achieve 125lb weight, stay there - Despite what health books and my friends say 125lbs is my personal favorite weight. Lets get back there!

4. Minimize Credit Cards - Its that time again. I'm currently carrying two mastercards, two amex and one debit card. Its time to pare these suckers down!

5. Send out Resumes last week of month - No point in sending them out and not being around to field inquiries.

6. Update Will - If I were to pass or become ill my beneficiary would have no idea what bank accounts I have and no idea where my car title is. A simple will like mine only needs to be notarized and AAA does it for free.

7. Garage Sale - I've been lax the last few weeks and summer is winding down! There are boxes of toothpaste, toothbrushes and shampoo to be sold for small sums before winter forces me permanently inside.

8. eBay - I keep doing this in bursts and it shows. I am forbidding myself from acquiring more stock until at least half of this crap is gone.

9. Clean out Digicam - Decide what pictures to print and burn the rest unto cds. Don't get sucked into photoshopping pre-burning or it will never be completed!

10. Storage - Once the chaos of vacationing, ebay and garage saling winds down summer things need to be set aside *weep* and winter stuff brought forth.

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Anonymous said...

Great goals! I hope you achieve them all! Good Luck!!