Thursday, September 4, 2008

Seinfeld, Microsoft? Really?

apple-vs-msSo in a head scratching display of status quo maintenance Microsoft has hired Seinfeld to promote their non-Macs.

While I admire the man's comedic timing his show has been off the air for years, his face barely moves and he's a middle aged jewish man with neurotic friends. Has Microsoft just invested millions to retain their user base? Even McCain branched out into a separate sex!

My theory is that Bill Gates (who will be co-starring in these commercials) wants to get hot chicks through something besides brains, money or philanthropy.

After all, everyone who uses hotmail (incidentally run by Microsoft) heard about Kirsten Dunst making out with Mac guy. ((This is JUST like that trippy period when Drew Barrymore was with Tom Green and their house burned down.))

The added cash and steady employment will surely up Seinfeld's sex appeal as well. After all - who is he shacking up with these days? Don't say the devil or I'll ban your IP address!