Monday, September 22, 2008

Pursy Chaos

I have about seven or eight purses. One is used daily for work and the rest get pulled out into an ocassional weekend rotation. At the moment they are all suspended from hooks inside the closet door like this:

Purse Hooks Holder

Its an inelegant solution. I searched through Unclutterer til I could search no more and just as I'd given up I saw this sidebar:

Jokari Purse Storage

I can't decide if Jokari is the right solution for me - mostly because I can't find a real description or review of the thing. I *think* two hooks attach at the top and bottom of the door then a piece of elastic is stretched between them. Plastic hooks are attached at intervals and can be adjusted to accomodate different purse sizes.

My concern is wether these hooks will bend of mark the purse bands.