Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My favorite Martha Stewart Halloween interior decorating ideas

Halloween's coming, so expect these posts to start piling up like toothpaste in a stockpile! Click the names to visit the "real" page with detailed instructions.

Moth Eaten CurtainsMoth Eaten Curtains
This one's tattered cheesecloth with tea stains to imply age and decrepitude. Its a killer effect and sure beats those infuriating cotton spider webs that tend to clump, tear and catch on errant...everything.

Glittered bones centerpieceGlittered Bones and Bugs
I love this effect but lets face it - that's more work than I have time for. I'd be tempted to turn a clear container over some store bought skeletal pieces, throw in a battery operated votive and call it a centerpiece. This is exactly why Martha Stewart has an empire and I have a blog ;)

Halloween Bat LampShivering Bats Shade
The devil's in the details eh? If I set these up I'd love them too much to pull them off in a month! I made a red "candy cane" stripe inside of a white lamp shade during the holidays last year and loved it too much to take it down later.

Woman on StairsDecorating with Paper Silhouettes
This is a great link because it comes with templates. That woman on the steps is classic Edgar Allen Poe.