Sunday, September 14, 2008

Monthly Update - Horoscope Edition

bad_scorpio"While most of us are out savoring the last few drops of summer, ambitious Scorps will ring in the end of slacker season with a quest for extra cash. Fueled by the solar eclipse, you'll push through domestic tasks to focus on lucrative desk-side projects. With money and laundry sorted, you'll revel in a favorable romance climate by month's end.*"

It seems fitting that I read this while sitting outside having my last garage sale of the season. I pared down my wares to one small box and am ready to fold away the tables until next year.

The eBay jewelry expirement of aught8 did not fare well. I've learned my lesson and will not attempt another jewelry relist until a fee free weekend. On the bright side, I made over $1000 from everything else I sold this month and reclaimed valuable floor space! I immediately spent the money on a 12 month cd. I think I'll make buying a cd a regular monthly goal.

Although one of the month's goals was to avoid paying full price for collapsible luggage I am under a time constraint :( I caved make me even sadder I bought it in an area with 7% sales tax and DID NOT have a gift card. Insult to injury, my friends :(

good_scorpioI think I've been cheating when planning No Spend Days. Instead of saving money I am lumping all of my purchases into the same day. For example - on Wednesday I got gas, went to the car wash (where they vaccumed my trunk!) and picked up groceries. While these were all valid purchases they were completed on the same day so I could avoid spending the next. Ten days will be easy but I think next month I will leave this goal off. I'm not an exorbirant spender and don't really need this guideline.

I haven't weighed myself all month so I bet I'm under the weight goal. The digicam task is one I keep forgetting but will try to remember next week. My will, resume and storage are also pending.

* My mom may have asked the horoscoper to include that laundry blackmail bit in order to ensure I maintain my housework beyond Scooba and Roomba'ing. Little does she know I was already planning to do it on either Tuesday or Wednesday. Nice try Mother!

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