Thursday, September 18, 2008

Living Alone Funnies

I have a roomy who takes off for other parts of the country every three weeks. So while I technically live with someone, our schedules are in such sharp contrast that it often feels like we live alone.

This list in Marie Claire by Eileen Conlan cracked me up:

Things we've learned about living alone:
button back shirt evil1. Blouses that button up the back are Satan's greatest triumph.
2. Its amazing how quickly one person can go through a roll of toilet paper.
3. OMG the hair in the drain is all yours.
4. Dinner tastes better pants-less, standing at the sink.
5. A Slim Jim and a Snack Pack pudding make a really satisfying meal.
6. Alone time makes you philosophical: If I eat this wedge of cheesecake and no one is here to see it, did I really eat it?
7. It's easy to go 48 hours without speaking.

I had to laugh irl at number three. We're both curly chicas with similar hair color and while there was less hair in the drain, all of it was now mine! Ack!

and shirts with buttons in the back? SO the work of Satan! That pathetic contortion and shuffle is exactly what keeps chiropractors in business.