Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lars Ulrich is a Douche

Oh no you don't Lars! Don't even try to be "hip" by having youngsters upload their music to "inspire" you. I REMEMBER NAPSTER!

Before Napster Metallica was a cool band with bad hair and Egotistical Lars. Afterwards they were the face of all that was bad and tormenting to college kids. Its been at least a decade since Metallica did anything worth downloading and now they're trying to spring back through YouTube?

Lets face it - no one likes to hear Lars talk. Know why? Cause he's so full of himself that his doucheness may seep out through soundwaves and MELT YOUR SOUL! Even AFTER he acknowledges that he's blabbing too much he throws in another line of goodbye. This video makes me want to slit that vein on his right temple...and also refer to myself in the third person.

Anyway since I can't decide who annoys me more I've set up a poll on the left side of the page. See it? Go vote and let me know who's worse - Diddy or Lars.