Sunday, September 7, 2008

Garage Sale Redux

garage-sale-humorIn order to take advantage of this weather reprieve I set up a garage sale for 3-4 hours this afternoon. I had twice as much selling space so decided to set out some of the jewelry I didn't list last night. Surprisingly a lot of it moved! I wish I hadn't gone through the hassle of photographing and listing last night since a lot of the things I photographed sold with minimal effort today. Lesson learned.

Other lessons learned today:

Originally I priced jewelry at the rock bottom price I would sell for. I didn't sell even one piece and most people said it would probably turn colors or break easily - even though most had $20-$30 store price tags attached. Once I moved the price up the stuff started selling. Even with haggling everyone who bought jewelry paid more than I was originally asking.


I have a box of generic medications that Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid periodically give away for free after rebates or ecbs. Every time I had a garage sale I would open the box and attach a 50 cents price tag. I sold maybe two boxes all summer. Today since I had more space I just stacked them all in little piles and sold 3/4s of them immediately. I can only assume it was the placement which caused them to sell as most buyers were repeat customers.

Sadly I've been so busy having garage sales I've only visited 3-4 all summer. While the unclutterer inside cheers the external covetter mopes. Of course the voyer in me just hangs out on Old Keet's page and knows what Fenton looks like.


Sharon Rose said...

Very well done on doing this!! I've been to more than what I've done!!

Anny said...

But you always find awesome deals!