Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Decorating your walls with FONG

The one time I tried anything remotely clever with painting techniques my walls ended up looking like a leopard on LSD.

Keeping with my new skepticism of "simple" painting techniques, I present cute ideas which won't break your budget but will make your home stand out.

My childhood photo albums are full of pictures of us standing next to a cake in front of a closed door, plain wall or curtains. This idea is pure genius and downright easy to boot. Wrap some foam, stick it on the wall and shoot! Real Directions

I'm still letting genius idea wall #2 sink in. This is one idea I will definitely carry out one day. The directions are here but I'm too busy thinking of possible color combinations to get into it ;)

The book Walls that WOW has a ton of cool ideas with clear instructions and loads of pictures. I'd recommend taking a ganer.