Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Are you overpaying for cell service?

Tmobile Sidekick 3Billshrink is a free service that compiles phone usage and spits back the cheapest cell phone plan within those parameters.

Yeah, it sounds gimmicky and too-good-to-be-true but I'm a sucker for free internet apps and shiny things. Billshrink actually delivers - answer 5 questions regarding cell phone usage (or import your bill), enter your work and home zip codes and push enter.

My answers:

Current cellphone bill: $50
Anytime minutes used: 50
Number of lines: 1
Text Messages: Ultra (50 is too many but 15 is too few)
Data Usage: Unlimited

Billshrink Prognosis:
Sidekick Data with .20 cent pay per minute option will save me $120 a year.

I know this is the optimal plan for me but every time I cancel my voice plan I end up using a ton of minutes the following month. I'm pleased to have concrete numbers illustrating why the iPhone is a ridiculous investment for the exact same service. My little Sidekick has been newly validated - even if every other teenager on the block is carrying one too :(