Wednesday, September 3, 2008

and then Diddy said "Let them eat cake!"

Now this is some serious bullshit. Diddy has filmed a "Diddy Blog" about the horrors of having to fly on American Airlines due to the high cost of fueling his private jet.

What the fuck are we supposed to do? Pass around a plate? Stop downloading music?

You know who wasn't mentioned on his vlog? The people he employed to run the damn jet. Sure Diddy's sacrificing and cutting corners by mingling with us commoners. Yet what about the people who lost their jobs or had to cut back hours because the thing wasn't in the air?

Instead we have this arrogant sob waving around a boarding pass as if he'd never been on a plane before. He better get on his knees every night and thank the universe for Biggie.


randommike said...

Yo, I would be mad too if i owned a private jet and it cost me 100,000 round trip to fly to LA based on gas alone. Does that even include maintenance and paying a staff?

He said he was flying coach but he walked on the plane and took 2 steps and sat down in this leather chair. I smell bullshit!

Anny said...

TOTALLY! I've been flying coach my whole life and have never sat in a seat like that :P

Ryan said...

No no, you all misunderstood... he was complaining that he had to use Coach luggage... as opposed to his suitcase made out of diamonds and white rhino leather.