Saturday, August 9, 2008

What's your addiction? Is it money? Is it girls? Is it weed?

Trent over at The Simple Dollar wrote a post earlier this week entitled My Material Weakness - And My Battle to Overcome It.

In this post he makes the startling admission that he has a "book problem" and swears off purchasing any for a year. Yeah, yeah, you may think in typical jaded fashion STOP THE PRESSES before this lunatic is the victim of a runaway papercut avalanche!

Yet any addiction (regardless of how dull it is) becomes a money siphon. At some point you're buying in order to own not to enjoy. Back when I got my first dvd player I set about converting my vhs collection to dvd. I'd join Columbia House, do incredible math and end up paying about $6 each. Of course that addiction got old quickly and I am still the proud owner of about a hundred late 90s', early 00's movies.

My next addiction was candles. In typical girl fashion I started stocking up on scents that had me constantly craving pastries. That addiction lasted about six months but I am still going through the wonderfully smelling fall-out.

If you're unsure of your poison start tracking your finances for a month. Write everything down - from the 50 cents for a Snickers to the $80 for new sneakers. Some credit cards will even track and sort everything into purchasing categories for you - its downright handy if daunting.


Whilst going through this month's finances I realized I managed to save less this month than at any other point within the past few years. Between two plane tickets, doctors visits, the wii, wii fit and scooba I managed to spend over a thousand more than usual. The bright side is that it didn't withdraw from savings or emergency fund - I just funneled paychecks straight from Wachovia to AMEX instead of Emigrant Direct. September will be better, then October will bring a slew of medical bills (including braces). After that we're dealing with holiday shopping. How is your Christmas fund looking? I have to start compiling gift ideas for my family :)


eviedee said...

It is so sad that my response to this post on saving is "ooooh she bought a scooba, I wonder how well it works?" I suppose that makes cleaning supplies one of my addictions. :) (AND books, cheap paintings, thrift store crap, weird food ect ect ect)

randommike said...

I like girls ... A LOT!!!!! ;)

Anny said...

LOL at both of you!

The Scooba works wonderfully. If only I could mate it with the Roomba and have it dust shelves. *far off look*