Thursday, August 28, 2008

What Would Freud Say?

You know how every time you learn something new or become interested in a topic it starts popping up everywhere?

As you can tell by the post topics lately I've become rather interested in the ability to physically track people using everyday electronic devices. Call it the Veronica Mars effect.

teenphoneVerizon Wireless last week updated its Chaperone tracking service, which notifies parents via text messages whenever children leave or enter designated geographical zones. The service, which Verizon Wireless first rolled out two years ago, now allows tracking of up to four children at a time and viewing locations on a map online. The navigation service costs $9.99 a month per line and can be used to get turn-by-turn directions to a child's location. Full Story

(That sound is Suspicious Spouses everywhere rejoicing.)

If I had a teenager this service would be activated before we even left the store. How often do people ask "Where were the parents?" when the answer is "At work, assuming their kid is at school." Privacy rights as Americans shouldn't kick in until the kid is eighteen and too old for the parent to be legally responsible.

On a darker note - what if your cell phone carrying child is kidnapped? Television watching criminals may be hesitant of chucking the device and having it provide a clue to their wherabouts. Consider it child low-jack.

And on the extremely practical side - kids lose everything - including cellphones. Forget having the phone insured - just have it permanently tagged and followed.

So asides from stalking teenagers, sperm has been on my mind a lot lately.

carspermIts not what you think.

You Suck at Photoshop is back and that lesson's topic is Smart Objects. As illustration Donnie creates a veritable river of cloned sperm with the major one being "Ronnie." Soon viewers were sending in their own photoshops of Ronnie in ill-advised places - leaving me looking for FARK or Photoshop Friday links.

The next day I parked next to the vehicle on the right.

Today I was hanging on Freshome where they featured sperm wallpaper and clothing.

Methinks I need to give up both of these topics and go back to looking at pretty flowers and My Little Ponies.


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