Monday, August 4, 2008

Time for Free Video Games

So I have a Wii, Wii Fit and the old standby House of the Dead. Don't tell my little cousins but I have no idea what games are fun these days and at $50 a pop I'm not about to expirement. The logical solution is to rent games at $7-$8 each but lets face it - I'm cheap and have plenty of free time.

Its survey time! (Kind of like Hammer time but in regular clothes and cooler music)

e-rewards is one of my favorite survey sites. I've been a member for over a year and have redeemed for magazine subscriptions, free used dvds at Blockbuster and now free video game rentals. They have a fairly decent mileage program with American, Hilton, etc too but this post is about video games.

MyPoints and I go back further than most of my relationships. I normally redeem my points for Target gift cards and then buy lots of stuff with orange stickers that eventually gets garage saled. Next time I may redeem for CVS or Blockbuster gift cards instead. Or if I really love a rented game I may end up actually BUYING it at Target instead.

Coke Rewards have gotten pretty lame lately. They used to offer free rentals but now they just give out "Rent one, get one free" vouchers. No one's writing home about that :P

So now that I have a game plan for playing video games all I need are actual game recommendations ;)

Probably not GTA though. If TSO made me want to redecorate and light fireplaces can you imagine me after a few hours causing digital havoc?