Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Things I Don't Want on my Butt

Oh the lists I could make with a title like that!

Today I was out shopping when a particularly helpful saleswoman brought a pair of "Pastry" jeans to my changing room. I'd never heard of them but urban chicks usually know what fits so I tried them on.

Then I noticed the lettering on the back right pocket.

I'm twenty-nine years old and prefer pastries to be in my belly, hand or mouth - not my butt. Its bad enough all these white chicks run around with Juicy on their asses, now we're going to end up with spanish and black chicks wearing Pastry on theirs!

Cause you know what? The damn things fit well and were actually flattering to my figure - not like that poor model in the picture!

Sneakers & Shoes rants about it: "…and speaking of clothes models, why these women always have the flattest butts evar? Can we have some normal women in some of these shots please? I totally expected Apple Bottoms to use models with more shape but they don’t either. And Dereon? Same thing. lol You would think the “urban” clothing companies would show women with more shape"

Fo Shizzle! The model's pigment may as well be photoshopped for all the curves she's sporting.


Ryan said...

Only thing left is to branch out to the Asian market...


Slogan: "Not sure what's in them, but they look good"


Anny said...

Fortune Cookie Jeans

We won't judge you for cracking them without eating

Wow...that was bad....