Wednesday, August 6, 2008

They Perverted my Wii! An exercise in effective marketing

So I finally dropped by YouTube to look up that video of some guy's girlfriend hula hooping in her undies to Wii Fit.

My first thought? She is NEVER going to unlock the advanced level if she doesn't pick up the pace!

Second thought - wait this is supposed to be Erotic Time, not Criticize Technique Time

Third thought - if it weren't for the boyfriend's triumphant, if sleezy, face this video would have never become as popular

Of course, YouTube suckered me into clicking on similar videos and watching porn stars in underwear box, men in bathing suits hula and other videos I hope my mom never knows I watched.

The upshot is that I'm a better boxer, they have more rhythm and I'm completely heterosexual. Thank you Nintendo, YouTube and people with video cameras for helping clear that up.

Update: So was the video just Nintendo partaking in shady, yet effective marketting? The boyfriend denies it. I am totally intrigued and think Nintendo should send a singing Mario telegram as a thank you.


In actual marketting news:

In this YouTube video a gorgeous blonde walks up the hall and into her hotel room and then proceeds to lick everything as if she were auditioning for the Porn Star Olympics. We're not talking dainty tongue dabs either - the girl is licking everything in sight as if it were covered in Tussin and she just broke her leg.

Just when I'd cringed myself fetal she licked under the toilet bowl and declared everything "VERY clean." She flashes her hand at the screen and has a url written on it:

Yep, Extended Stay


Although it would have been much more kickass if she'd written Veronica Mars on her palm like that stunt guy with a bad shirt ;)