Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stay Connected! ...but not too connected...

imdbLast summer I was in the Dominican Republic for roughly a month without internet. I was cut off from my beloved links *looks fondly at left* and constant human interaction via my sidekick.

But you know what - it wasn't as horrible as I'd expected.

Sure, I missed google search and wikipedia. I had questions without immediate answers. IMDB couldn't help me place a familiar looking extra in a movie.

Connected, Yes, but Hermetically Sealed (link on NY Times page) discusses that self-imposed technology cut off that occurs when we're on a plane:

Then, the airplane lands. Cellphones and P.D.A.’s snap into action. Long rows of lights light up on tiny little screens. These are people we absolutely have to talk to. Voice messages pour in, telling of children who got speeding tickets, of margin calls, of jobs offered and lost. The bonds of obligation, like handcuffs, are clapped back onto our wrists, and we shuffle off to the servitude of our jobs and our mundane tasks. A circuit is completed: the passengers who were human beings a few moments earlier become part of an immense, all-engulfing machine of communication and control. Human flesh and spirit become plastic and electronic machinery.

looptAs awful as the author makes it sound that technology can be shut off and deferred. Loopt is meant to always remain on.

The mobile service company Loopt, based in Mountain View, Calif., helps people find their friends and see what they are doing on a map on their mobile phone. It will use Facebook Connect so its users do not have to re-enter their connections to the friends they want to track.

So the next time someone hounds you for facebook or myspacing an ex say "Well at least I'm not loopting them!"

Cause really - do we need to make cyberstalking any easier for the average layman? The Keith Mars of the world need to stay in business!


Anonymous said...

great post!

I actually like being cut off for a few days a month and am trying to get my computer time to no more than an hr a day!