Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Splurging Vs Saving - the eternal dilemma

We've all heard the buyer's mantra when it comes to quality - buy the best knives, pots and mattresses you can afford. Afterwards only buy high quality items that will get frequent use. Aim to buy expensive items used or on sale, quality over quantity, etc, etc...

Why Do Americans Insist On Buying Cheap Crap Instead Of High Quality Merchandise?

My favorite parts of these articles are always visitor comments weighing in on what's worth the splurge. I used to be a "I'd rather own 10 $10 shirts than one $100 shirt" kinda gal too but that way leads to poor fitting items and garage sale surplus. These days I'd rather buy a few of the high priced items on sale and have extra closet space.

If I were less nomadic I would only buy beautiful, lasting things. Alas ever since college I've been averaging one move a year. Things get lost, broken or just never find a place so end up garage saled or craigslisted. I'm constantly paring down the cheap junk I bought the first time I moved out and trying to surround myself by useful and/or beautiful things.