Wednesday, August 20, 2008

so THAT'S what Ted Nugent & Eliza Dushku have in common!

faithHow Mike and I managed to run a blog for this many weeks without posting pictures of attractive brunettes is beyond me ;)

So the buzz in my on-line communities is that Eliza Dushku went on one of those late night television shows and talked about going hunting with her boyfriend.

"A lot of people eat meat… and I eat what I kill” explained Eliza.

*cue PETA and audience outrage*

Apparently she managed to kill and subsequently eat deer and elk. I say - good for her! She's rather feisty and has always gone on about being a tomboy. If she's hunting in Oklahoma instead of shopping in 09'er territory, more power to her.

PETA needs to stop hounding hunters. Meat isn't murder - its tasty, tasty sustenance.