Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School Supplies on My Feet? AWESOME!

kicksIf there is anything that we urban folk like more than complaining about The Man its sneakers. Sure, the media may tell you we prefer fitted caps, bouncing cars and crack but that's cause they're a bunch of liars. Its all about the kicks - especially now that we're hitting the back to school season.

Nike is capitalizing by releasing some of the CUTEST ... I mean dopest? raddest? flyest?

Whatever. I never claimed to be an ebonics expert.

Nike is selling some of the cutest sneakers EV4R! Check out those composition notebook sneakers - they're straight up old school with a fun twist! If I didn't already own a few perfectly servicable Skechers and Nikes weren't overpriced I'd be tempted to get a pair.

Luckily for my wallet I can just link them here instead ;)


ARGH! You can save 45% on these sneakers by going through Microsoft's Cash Back program. Awesome deal but I'm still not buying them. I'll have to build street cred the old fashioned way - through an expansive ebonics vocabulary, y0.