Saturday, August 2, 2008

Quasi-Successful Sale

I fell asleep on the couch sometime around 3am last night and woke at 6am with a crick in my neck and sun on my face.

Surprisingly I managed to wake up (in bed this time), buy another garage sale table and set up by 11am. Thunderstorms had me back inside by noon with an extra $55 in my pocket.

Ryan says these are lawyer rates and I should just become a professional garage saler. Now that I have the tables (and sadly always have the stock) I plan to tan and sell for at least an hour every Saturday until the weather becomes cold.

Breakdown of my hour's "Work"
4 People stopped
3 People made purchases
2 People haggled
1 Person asked why I don't sell silver jewelry

On my way home with the new table I stopped at someone else's garage sale. They very effectively spammed the entire neighborhood with bright orange signs on every tree and pole but unfortunately had awful parking.

I bought a Gaiams Abs dvd for $1. I'm going to Cali next weekend - think I have enough time to transform my 4-pack into a 6-pack? ;)