Friday, August 15, 2008

Product Review: Damp Rid

I hate humidity. As a matter of fact if I was a bear, I would hibernate all summer and frolic around in the fall and winter. I tend to do things backwards. I go to Miami in the winter, I sleep during the day, and I read magazines in reverse. I know, I am quite the character. My house is quite humid. My AC bill is probably along the lines of the national debt. One caveat of having a humid house is humid closets. I was confused that clothes I just washed would smell (not so fresh) a day or two later. After a few quick google searches, I discovered a product called "Damp Rid." I laugh every time I hear that name. I asked Anny "Is that like telling your girlfriend that her sister is really hot right before having sex?" Anyway, back to my point. So this product is supposed to suck all the moisture out of the air into a little bag or cup after being filtered through these little white rocks also known as crack ... err I mean Calcium Chloride keeping the space less humid. This is suppose to result in less mold, allergens, and overall a fresher smelling environment. I loved the concept, but doubted its effectiveness. Needless to say I headed to Home Depot to give it a shot.

I wandered Home Depot for about 30 minutes looking for this promising product. Finally when I was done being stubborn, I decided to ask for help. The first person I asked had no clue what the hell I was talking about and directed me to cleaning supplies. The second guy was like "oh yea, I used that stuff in my car when I accidentally left my windows open. It worked great!" Although he referred to it as "the white pellets," he directed me to the paint aisle. At this point i was really confused since I still can not understand what this has to do with Paint unless humidity + paint = bad. I thought I was on another wild goose chase, but lo and behold it was exactly where he said it would be.

I get home and proceeded to hang these moisture destroyers in my closet. At first they smelled great (the closet version has little fragrance pellets in them). However, the longer I smelled them, the worse the scent became. This was not because the scent changed, it just became more apparent. Since my closet has ventilated doors, the scent was especially annoying when I was sleeping. But I decided to roll with it, curious as to what change it would make. Day 1 - nothing. Day 2 - nothing. "Maybe it has been especially cool these past 2 days" I thought to myself. I checked four days later and lo and behold the bag is starting to fill with water. It is scary to think that this is what was in the air or even worse in my clothes (click on this picture to see a close-up of how much water was in there)!!! My clothes do indeed smell better!! So needless to say, this product does work as advertised. Reading online, I hear that you can make this stuff on your own by going to a pool store and just purchasing Calcium Chloride. The fragrance of this product is strong and at times over powering but bearable and worth it. Each pack will last you about 45 days. $12 will get you a 3-pack of hanging Damp Rid packets. Perhaps next time I will make my own.


Anonymous said...

very informative. thank you especially for the following 2 tidbits of info:
- it's scented
- to just buy the stuff for pools
question: do you know if the damprid in the plastic container is scented? ( I am highly allergic to perfume)

Anny said...

The yellow pellets in the bag are scented. The smell is really strong and will likely cause areaction. Best bet is to find in your home depot or supermarket and take a quick sniff.

sKY:: said...

Anonymous, the damp rid in the containers that I've tried have no scent to them. I also am allergic to artificial fragrances.