Friday, August 1, 2008

Garage Sale Redux

In the spirit of continuing to disown most of the things I own, tomorrow I will be sitting outside having another garage sale. The last one was lucrative, short and ended up with my meeting a few of the neighbors so I figure I'll have another.

Remember how I suggested buying the cheap clothing rack from Linens N Things last time? Forget that and give in to your material side with this awesome lasso rack! You may not be able to afford anything to hang on said rack but you are guaranteed lots of drive-by gawkers - without having to show some leg! Source: Freshome.Com

Note so self:
Should future home have dinky, old fashioned doors replace the knobs and create vignettes in panels.


Frugal Trenches said...

Well done you! It feels incredibly theraputic to downshift the wardrobe!

Anny said...

It really does! I've lost a lot of weight so I'm going through and actually trying stuff on instead of remembering how it fit.

Also now that I'm older I know what styles and colors flatter my body so the new stuff will get a lot more wear than the old.

Therapeutic is definitely the right word for how the whole process feels :)