Monday, August 25, 2008

Funk Flex found to be Jamaican - Anny Goes "Ahhh!"

I, like everyone reading this blog, have considered Funkmaster Flex to be the hardest working man in entertainment for years. Not only is he always dj'ing and mix taping it seems like everytime I tune in he's endorsing some new item with his name on it.

funkmaster-flexOff the top of my head:
1. Tims
2. Sneakers
3. Driving Shoes
4. Car cleaners and wiper fluid
5. All Muscle with Funkmaster Flex (tv show)
6. Car Wars (the other tv show)
7. The Car Show (actual event)
8. Hot Wheels
9. Ford Flex

Yep, the Ford Flex. All other dj's may as well hand in their needles because none of them are going to get their own cars. Never mind that it looks like a Scion mated with one of those fancy Toyotas - dude has his name on an actual real sized vehicle! With a fancy roof!

So I was listening to his show last week and he mentioned his mom talking to Busta Rhymes. He said since they were both Jamaican she was ragging on him about something.


This explains EVERYTHING! My original Jamaican stereotype was created by In Living Color back in the late 80s - remember The Hanleys?

This must be what Veronica Mars feels like after cracking a case.