Thursday, August 21, 2008

Consumer Math Class in High Schools

Math LoveI guess its a sign of the times that instead of bitching about classes I took in high school I'm sitting around thinking of how to improve them. Almost daily I'm reading different "trajedies" that befall average people with poor financial sense. Its time for the No Wallet Left Behind reform of aught 8!

Instead of Algebra 2 (where we learned absolutely nothing I can remember) schools should offer Consumer Math classes. The curriculum could cover useful topics like:

1. Credit Card Usage - everyone is going to start offering them soon...time to learn about interest rates and the dangers of Minimum Payments

2. Car/House Purchasing - Ok, so most high schoolers won't be buying their own place. Yet they will probably snag a car. Lets teach them about car shopping and loans while reviewing interest rates. Then when it comes time to purchase a home they will have those basic shopping skills buried somewhere.

3. Basic Budgetting - I'd bring in a bunch of circulars or send them all to to figure out what their daily and monthly purchases would be. Then I'd give them all minimum wage, student employee wages and have them figure out how to distribute their fake cash. After they were all despairing over the cost of shampoo I'd sweep in for the coup - coupons!

4. Retirement - This one would probably get a lot of scoffs from the Pimple Brigade but if compound interest were drummed into their heads it would save them so much future heartache. Hell - I'd bring in that lame forward about having a million dollars if you started saving a few bucks monthly at 18.

5. Bank Accounts - We'd cover the basic saving and checking accounts (playing with interest is fun). Then we'd go over mm, cds, iras and other fun stuff. Then I'd con bank reps into coming in to pimp their individual banks.

This is what I consider fun...guess I am old ;)