Friday, August 8, 2008

and in WTF News

Have you ever met someone between the ages of 4-8 who didn't think their mom was the most beautiful woman in the world? Sucks that a lot of modern moms are fighting the effects of aging through surgery. So how does Surgery Mom go about explaining the bruises and bandages to her first grader without wrapping up and knocking around a Barbie doll?

I'm glad you asked!

There is now a dubiously age appropriate, illustrated book called My Beautiful Mommy that helps clarify the entire process! A doctor saw his life calling and is now breaking down plastic surgery for the "just stopped wetting the bed but still eats bugs" age group.

Actual dialog from book:

Little Girl: "Why are you going to look different?"
Mom: "Not just different my dear - prettier!"

Never mind that pretty and prettier are subjective and what the mom is actually expressing is dissatisfaction with her body. Notice how the mom on the cover doesn't even look like her daughter anymore?

Yeah, that won't fuck up her body image for years to come.


Ryan said...

This can pan out in one of two ways...

1) Amount of plastic surgery in America goes up as the boob job graduation gift makes way for the "I wanna look like my mommy" sweet sixteen...


2) All the nip/tuck docs go out of business as the disenfranchised youth rebel against their parents and NOT alter their looks.

yeaaaahh.... I think we should invest in silicone and botox futures.

Anny said...

I'm right there with you! I can't imagine teens will ever willingly not make themselves more attractive - especially if a mom who already had surgery is for it.

Know any furture plastic surgeons we can adopt? Split custody between NJ and FL can't be that hard to work out. Its for the kids!