Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So on Sunday, flush with all the small bills from Saturday's sale, I purchased a Wii.

Some considerations before purchase:

1. Sales Tax
Since Wii prices are static sales tax was the only variable. I picked up my Wii at a Target within an "urban enterprise zone" which has 3.5% sales tax. The next town has a 7% rate.

2. Store Cards
Typically I'd open a store card to save 10% on such a large purchase. However when it comes to electronics I don't fool around. AMEX gives an extra year warranty and protection against theft just for using their card. That is worth more than the $30 I would have saved opening a store card. I'll get 1% cash back which is a small consolation.

3. Gift Cards
I had a KMart gift card sitting around for months. After buying the Wii I dropped by for remotes and guns. Even though I used a gift card I charged about $20 of the purchase on AMEX. Gotta remember that warranty!

Now the hunt for the elusive Wii Fit begins