Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wii - Cost of Ownership

One of the dangers of hanging around personal finance blogs is that you begin accepting a minority school of thought as majority. Bloggers bring a passion to their interests that seldom matches the amount of energy they can devote to it in real life.

In case the links at the right aren't a dead giveaway, I mostly visit forums and read webpages devoted to personal finance, couponing, organization and design. With enough reading you begin to feel like part of a large, vocal community that does not exist in real life. I've been to many houses with a pantry. I've been to two houses with over twenty unopened boxes of free Crest (and one is my own). On the other hand I have viewed pictures of way too many stockpiles featuring toothpaste.

As an example of restraint bourne of the internet: this weekend I had a $10 gift card to Linens N Things and was a block away from a store. I also had a $5 off $10 coupon so I expected to leave with a tenuous something. Yet because of my fascination with Unclutterer.Com and my penchant for moving I left with nothing. Everything in the store looked like clutter from which I could not derive a satisfactory cost per use ratio.

This brings me to the Wii. I've wanted a Wii for months. I've watched while others charged and played away. I could afford one without touching my savings but I have not bought one. Why?

1. I seldom play with my current xbox or sp
2. It will be something else to clean
3. Eventually I will move and it will be something else to carry

Reasons to get a wii include:
1. Wii fit is fun and could possibly improve my horrible balance
2. I can shoot Resident Evil zombies

Assuming I were to get the stuff I want right now it would come out to: wii (250+tax), wii fit (90+tax), Resident Evil (50+tax), 2 lightguns (30+tax). I figure it would set me back about $450

My concern is that I won't derive $450 worth of enjoyment from ownership. Posts like Video Games and Frugality over at The Simple Dollar are always at the back of my mind when I start wavering. 450 hours is A LOT of gaming time.

Ironically if someone were to propose a fun $450 trip I'd be the first one taking the days off to go. Experiences are worth paying for - but tangible items? Those require thought.