Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What's Up with Victoria's Secret?

For years Victoria's Secret has been cancelling shady internet orders and blacklisting people who try to stack coupons. All of a sudden they're performing an about face and leaving me wondering what their financial standing is.

First of all - yesterday I received a $20 off no limit purchase via e-mail. I've placed orders on-line in the past but never even registered for the site or opened a credit card. Suddenly they're giving me free underwear?

Then today I received one of those "Get a free pair of underwear" coupons in the real mail. I've gotten my fair share of these over the years but normally they are for $15 off a bra OR a free pair of undies. This coupon can be used for both! Also these tend to show up twice a year and the last one I got was back in May. I shouldn't be due for another free pair already.

VS seems confused about their target audience these days. Back in my day ;) VS stood for quality bras and demure lingerie. You were paying more but it would last longer than craptastic Fredericks. Now they're aiming at teens with their PINK line and trying to incorporate Fredericks' raciness with none of the trademark VS comfort.

See that was the thing with Fredericks - the stuff was nice to look at but a pain to wear. The fabrics were harsh, prone to tearing and just uncomfortable. VS by contrast was less provocative but a pleasure to feel on your own skin. Now they're cute but not even fun to hold in-store, forget wearing at home.