Thursday, July 31, 2008

Procter and Gamble - A Pretty Safe Gamble?

When I was young I use to work at a small movie theater in your typical Jersey town. It was the greatest experience of my life and to this day I remain friends with a lot of these people. Free popcorn, free movies, an idiot boss - what else could a teen want. The job was perfect except for one small little detail. THE CUSTOMERS!!! Think Clerks 1 and 2. The frequent bitching of "it's too cold", "its too hot" or "there is a soda lid in my popcorn" could easily ruin a perfectly flowing summer afternoon. I always viewed these people as uptight or "snobs." I vowed to never be one of those people.

Several years later I am now living on my own, I find myself being able to relate to these complainers. If I am going to spend my hard earned money, why not demand perfection. Now that i am independent, I actually return things to the store if I am not satisfied with it. One minor imperfection on a garment or electronic device, I am livid and proceed to activate the launch sequence to correct the wrong I was dealt. This was a great change from just "throwing it away and buying another one." Granted, I am not likely to go into a movie theater and complain about the temperature or a little dirt they missed while cleaning (especially since someone else will complain before I will). On a personal level however, I will return a steak that is a little too rare or any item that doesn't live up to its expectations. My money SHOULD demand perfection.

One product that did live up to my expectations is my beloved SWIFFER. My ex use to always make fun of me because every time she saw me, I was "swiffering." She even said that I always have a little (involuntary) grin on my face while doing the deed. How could I not? I was doing my part of eliminating my kingdom of dust and Wendy's Chicken Nugget crumbs. I even had a process - Dry Swiffer / Wet Swiffer / Sweep or vaccum. Let's face it, as great of a product it is, the Dry Swiffer is only about 95% effective (85% if you have white floors) and the wet swiffer is just garbage. A little obsessive/compulsive? Hey, cleaning just relaxes me. ;)

One day I discovered that attaching a damp rag instead of a Swiffer wipe not only combined to form an effective wet and dry swiffering solution, but it was cheaper (free)!!!! My grin was likely a little larger. That is, until one day I had completely "ghetto swiffered" my room when the handle broke off. I am not sure if Procter and Gamble would condone my unauthorized use of it's wonderful product that I pushed beyond factory specified limits. But I decided to email them anyway and complain!!!

I didn't expect much, not even a reply. I received an email two days later which not only had an apology, but said the issue was being escalated to the "bosses" and that I would receive a letter in the mail about the issue. I was really surprised that the makers of Tide, Charmin, Bounty, Dawn, Crest and of course the Swiffer were taking me so seriously. About two weeks later I received a coupon for a FREE SWIFFER!!

The morale of this story is some companies do care. If you are unhappy with something, do something about it. Procter and Gamble owns the world. If they can take the time to make this Swiffer addict happy, they are truly worthy of my hard earned money. P&G - this Buds for you!!!


Anny said...

I'm impressed it only took two weeks for your coupon to arrive! I wish more companies would realize how powerful word of mouth marketting is.

Also please to come swiffer my place? ;)