Saturday, July 19, 2008

Post Garage Sale Collapse

I got home last night around 2am (my best friend got a Wii and House of the Dead - thus renewing his bestfriendshipness contract for at least another year) and still wasn't sure if I wanted to garage sale today.

Then I woke up early and proceeded to break most of my rules from the other day. I'm embarrassed to say the only signs I set out were the ones in front of the condos less than three blocks away. Other than that I just took advantage of all the traffic on my street and got rid of so much STUFF!

I warned against the $1 sale paying with a $20 bill and that was exactly what happened. My first sale was for a $1 mascara. After that things picked up ridiculously fast. The main goal of this sale was to clear clutter so 80% was clothing. I priced everything at a dollar and anticipated having to drop that even further. Instead I ran out of stock TWICE! At one point my rack and table were barren and a woman who'd just spent $40 watched my stuff while I ran upstairs to find more stuff to sell to her. *happy sigh*

My roomy made a whopping $2 on some bowls and I was seriously tempted to buy her $30 steam iron. I held out though - at least following one of yesterday's rules.

There was surprisingly little haggling today. Most people were happy at the "everything is $1" signs and paid without my having to do 6 for $5 as I'd expected.

As a funny aside I dropped by Wachovia yesterday to pick up some change "in case" I had the sale. I asked for $50 singles, $40 in fives and a $10. The young female teller winked at me as she handed over the cash - probably anticipating my having seedy plans. TODAY the same woman dropped by to see my roommate - turns out they are friends and this was her first time visiting!

If you're planning to have a garage sale with clothing make sure you have a standing garment rack. Linens and Things has one for $20 with a $10 rebate until August 13th. Use one of their $5 off $15 or 20% off coupons to make it a sweeter deal (Reminder - Linens and Things and Bed, Bath & Beyond accept each other's coupons).

The racks come apart to take up hardly any space so even if your goal is to declutter, this is a handy thing to have for presentation and convinience. Most customers would rather rifle through a clothes rack and than dig through a pile.