Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pepsi was always better anyway

Does everyone else love that commercial of Justin Timberlake being dragged by Pepsi drinkers as much as I do? I can't decide wether I'd rather watch him hauled through mud or have a flat screen land safely in my yard. I guess the deal breaker would be the proximity of my video camera.

So anyway a few weeks ago I procured some Pepsi products and just got around to creating a Pepsi points account. I didn't realize they partnered with Amazon to provide pretty cool options!

Songs in .mp3 format are five Pepsi points per download
TV episodes are 12 points each
Swag like that cool Pepsi shirt is also available

My twelve packs counted for two points so single serving bottles are probably worth 1 point.

This still beats Coke Rewards, which while ubiquitious, offer less quality rewards. They started off with great stuff like free Blockbuster rentals but have since devolved to "rent one, get one" offers which aren't nearly as cool.

Of course you can always circumvent all these options by drinking water, saving money and using torrents


Ryan said...

Water?... water?! Do you realize what that stuff does to metal? Can't drink that crap.

Anny said...

Good point, I heard water corroded rocks into ravines!

Ryan said...

Yeah, last thing you need is a ravenous bladder... wait... what?

Anny said...

I saw that movie - there was an alien inside! Are you saying she became pregnant with alien spawn because she drank the water?