Saturday, July 5, 2008

Oh Sonic, Time Waster of my Youth

I was playing (well mostly watching others play) Sonic 2 last night and it brought home all those wasted hours spent in front of the Sega. The high replay value in games like Sonic lays in their ability to taunt you with falls and distractions. But unlike a pick-a-path adventure book you couldn't bookmark a certain point and return to it once the other led to death.

To my 29 year old chagrin the grade school philosophical dilemma about paths not taken was still alive inside me. So I turned to Google.

In a way seeing all the paths through a map laid out so clearly was a let down. There weren't an infinite amount of paths - just a few meaderings that all led back to the same end point. Click on map to see full blown maps of every level. If I had the internet fifteen years ago I would have been unstoppable ;)