Friday, July 4, 2008

Note to Future Self Re: Mosquitoes

So its the fourth of July and my holiday arsenal includes sunscreen, bug repellent and the gunk below. I'm allergic to the buggers and perfectly willing to sacrifice some (free after rebate at Walgreens last month) aspirin in the name of less inflamation.
Happy Holidays!

Lime Juice: Mix with a little water and rub unto insect bites (as long as skin in intact)
Raw Potato: Mash and mix a little raw potato with water and baking soda to reduce redness and itch
Aspirin: Crush one or two pills with a spoon and make a paste with water. Put it on a sting to ease inflamation
Salt: For wasp stings, clean the area with soap and water. Then mix with a teaspoon of salt with a drop of water and place on wound for half an hour.
Rubbing Alcohol: Coat the itchy area with rubbing alcohol to soothe it. Make sure the skin isn't broken or this will hurt.

Source: August AllYou August 2008 issue - Debra Brammer, ND