Monday, July 28, 2008

Not Quite 007

So I was at Staples yesterday picking up Free After Rebate sharpener and pens (cause that's how I roll) when I noticed Semi-Pro on sale for $4.99. Baited over I was disappointed to find Staples is now renting disposable dvds.

Staples and Flexplay have teamed up to sell dvds that become unreadable forty-eight hours after the package is opened. How Stuff Works explains it better than I could:

The disc comes in an airtight package, so oxygen can't get to the additional layer. When you open the packaging, the oxygen in the atmosphere starts a chemical reaction. The particular chemicals are balanced so that the reaction proceeds very slowly at first, during the "rental period," and then speeds up. When the reaction speeds up, the specialized layer goes from clear to cloudy. By varying the exact chemical mix in the this added layer, Flexplay can adjust the length of the rental period.

The whole concept is so wack I don't know where to start - although that $5 sales price is the first major turn-off. Hell - I can rent dvds for a week from Blockbuster for that cost...and if they're particularly crappy flicks I can just buy them.

Also who associates Staples with dvd rentals? I'm sad to say that most of my friends do not buy everything that is free after rebate. In fact I would be surprised if they entered a brick and mortar Staples more than three times a year. I just can't see them hanging out on a Friday going "Hey I haven't seen that movie where Will Smith saves the world and conquers alcoholism, who wants to swing by Staples and get it?"

Watching your $5 investment slowly degenerate into a modern AOL floppy has to be a major bummer...especially if you don't realize its supposed to do that. I bet a lot of people pick up the dvd thinking its cheap because of the flimsy casing or they take it home and assume the 48 countdown begins when they pop in the dvd not when they open the package.

I predict major returns...and not on investments. Get it - return on investments? Tough crowd ;)


Ryan said...

I wonder what level of encription they have on those things... hmmm

Anny said...

I ws trying to figure that out too. Seems like dubbing it on the computer would be easy enough right?