Monday, July 14, 2008

Mario Room for the WIN!

Dear Santa,

I've decided I no longer need a GPS that sounds like Kitt. I've matured as a person and believe time spent with friends and/or mythical beings is worth far more than kitschy electronics.*

In keeping with this new world view I'd like to invite you to hang soon (next Saturday). You bring magical holiday powers, I bring paint and we can bond over a time honored activity - painting my room to look like a video game level from last century.

I've heard tales of your overnight world traveling speed and believe between the two of us the project will be done in .3 seconds. Afterwards we can pose for fun pictures like the one on the right, order pizza and diss Lana Lane.

Perfectly Willing to Believe in Your Existence if it means a Mario themed bedroom,

* technically untrue


eviedee said...

This is so freaking awesome!