Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How I Spent my Stimulus Check

How I Spent My Stimulus
This is a fabulous time sink for the chronically nosy. As the title implies people upload images and descriptions of how they spent their stimulus check and the rest of us happily judge. If the government ever gives us more checks I bet they come with a TOS making us promise not to spend it on tattoos and/or drugs. They will probably encourage us to play the lottery.

The worst use of a check was the person who burned it in order to "make a point" about what a lousy idea the checks were in the first place. Its not like some accountant somewhere will realize she didn't cash her check in six months and call her demanding an explanation.

As to my own check? Thanks to direct deposit it got absorbed into everyday finances. Those specific digits may have been spent paying bills or become part of a CD. I kinda suck at stimulating the economy.