Monday, July 7, 2008

Fried Pie?

I hate reading a blog where the author makes an american experience sound ridiculously foreign. Over at Waiter Rant the guy is eating at a bbq joint in Texas. He's enjoyed a suitably fattening meal and is ready for dessert. Cue the waitress suggesting fried pie and his cartoonish internal monologue. The author starts going on about how bizarre eating customs are down south until I'm just as enthused and mystified as he is.

Luckily I know how to use google.

Does that look familiar to you? Cause to me that looks like a Hostess (fried) pie aka the preferred currency of my 3rd and 4th grade. Our school cafe sold them for 50 cents and cookies were 3 for 35 cents. We all passed grade oblivious to the 8 times tables but when it came to the Cookies for Pie Exchange Currency we were all fraction savants.

From now on I take The Waiter's gastronomical excitement with a larger grain of salt. If you can buy it 2/$1 at McDonalds it can't be that exotic.