Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Disassociation of Body and Self

I had a blessedly large amount of free time this weekend and spent a significant portion of it catching up on magazines whilst my nails dried. What can I say - Sloth suits me ;)

As much as I enjoy reading women's magazines individually they are downright depressing when absorbed in lump sums. They follow similar guidelines and refer to exercise and bodies in the third person. Instead of opting for simple descriptions like "your flabby stomache" they use the gentler, non-possessive "the flabby stomache." The blame for said stomache is taken away from the reader and her lifestyle and placed squarely on a non-sentient body part. Its a toned down Fight Club for soccer moms.

As much as I love poking fun I'm pretty guilty of it too. Whenever I get hurt boxxing or while attempting to chew and walk I immediately remove blame. "My ankle twisted itself." "My body bumped into the knife." No responsibility, no liability. Does it come from all those years of listening to refrains like "Love your body" which insist I am an individual snowflake and perfect the way I am? If I'm perfect it must be the individual part at fault!


Rokuzen said...

< profound > The individual snowflake melts when it hits the ground; the mass produced rubber ball bounces < / profound >

I'm in ur blog, messin' yer posts :p

Anny said...

Oh crap you're starting to sound like the magazines!