Saturday, July 26, 2008

and I thought catching fish in a penguin suit was hard!

So I've been having fun with the Wii Fit for a couple of days and decided to google what hacks people have been coming up with.

It looks like those wacky guys who made Carmen Electra's strip tease dvds all the rage are planning a Wii Stripper Pole "game." Am I the only one remembering the Harry Potter vibrating broom fiasco from a few years ago? Source

I know the Wii is supposed to combat our sedentary lives but can you imagine the emergency room visits after Wii Stripping accidents? It was bad enough when people were throwing remotes through television sets; this is an entirely new level of akward explanation.

These guys are more in line with what I expected to find:

They managed to hook up a laptop to their Wii Fit in order to navigate through google earth and WOW by tilting about. Its one step closer to the pixilated, virtual vacations the Jetsons promised us so many years ago!