Friday, June 27, 2008

Walgreens $5 off $20 Printable

Printable $5 off a $20 Walgreens purchase coupon - valid TODAY ONLY

Savvy shoppers will take advantage of this coupon to stack up on free after rebate items. The June rebate period ends tomorrow. To make things even sweeter the July rebate period begins today. So if you're a hardcore shopper who already completed their June deals *guilty as charged* you can still jump on this for the July deals.

Brief Overview of their Rebate Program:
Every month Walgreens will give away free items. All you have to do is purchase, enter receipts on-line and at the end of the month request a check or gift card. If you request a Walgreens gift card they award you an extra 10% bonus. So lets say you bought the $10 vitamins this month and submitted the rebate. If you request a gift card Walgreens will give you $11 back - effectively paying you to buy stuff. Throw in some coupons and eventually you will be rolling in all the health and beauty items a person could hope for.