Wednesday, May 4, 2016

You can take those sempervivums and STICK THEM IN A POT!

I like incendiary titles because it adds drama to Ye Olde Blog.

So  hens and chicks in a strawberry pot is not a new idea...but its the first time I do it:

It all started last year when I discovered our compost pile:

and there was a lady about to recycle two plastic flower containers. I needed more containers for compost but she must have thought I needed plant containers in general because when I got back to my car she gave me that planter as well!

I am seldom surprised but always pleased by the kindness of strangers.

I'd love to one day make my hens and chicks into a table combination like this one. All I need is for the universe to send me a round piece of glass *cough*

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

These Roots Run Shallow

When I buy a plant like this I feel like I'm getting a bunch of freebies! They cost $3.33 at Lowes. Sure, I could have split all of those chicks and waited until next year to fill my new glass container BUT:

I bought two plants instead. One is redder than the other but I'm fairly certain they are the same plant. Hens and chicks tend to go red when its cold then bounce back in warmth.

Due to their extremely shallow root systems I chose to display them in last week's thrifted glass dip bowl for a cool suspended effect.

I am really excited about gardening with long term plans!

Monday, May 2, 2016

I slope, You slope, We slope aka Slope Division Part Deux

Last spring I planted a few hostas on the slope between our left door neighbor and our yard:

Watering them turned out to be an issue because - wait for it - water obeys gravity! After a summer of watching it drain away from my plants I sent 2016 Anny a mental note to move them in the spring:

I picked up a few more from Lowes and moved the survivors down. I also tossed in a few .50 pansies because I can't pass up discounted plants.

Ok, when you zoom out its not a bolded ta-da but I am hoping they will keep pine needles and cones at bay from our lawn plus be easier to maintain.

and if not? I will send 2017 Anny a mental note.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Doctor, everyone tells me I'm a wheelbarrow!

Doc: Well, don't let people push you around!

Wheelbarrow - $15

Between the rock garden in front and dragging compost to the back, I'd been considering a wheelbarrow. Unfortunately they wouldn't fit in my car. Then I found this one a block away and it was kismet! I just rolled it home and continued on my way to

the compost pile...lump?

I think they replenish it on Mondays but all this rain is putting a damper on my desire to shovel and haul soil. 

I told Bella Rose about it:

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hostas are $2 at Lowes

You know what this means:

$10 worth of hostas and one dark red sempervivum and one green one. They were $3.33 each and overflowing!

I think the hosta sale is nationwide but you can price your local store here:

Plopping your own hen and chick in one of these may be simpler but sure isn't cuter!

Do you SEE the pink!?

These gardens were quite large - at least 8" across.

When it comes to plants Lowes wins Every Single Year.

Friday, April 29, 2016


Remember when I blabbed about cement last year? Well I'd debated buying this bowl then but was scared of breaking glass. I finally bought it yesterday:

$1 Bowl
.50 Necklace

My plan is to fill it with soil and plant hens and chicks in it. After all if they can thrive in a bird bath:

they should be able to survive in glass!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Inspiration Thursday: Planter Kits

Since its spring I was browsing Depot and saw this display:

Home Depot sells the kits for hundreds of dollars or you can use the handy pamphlet on the bottom left to figure out exactly what you need. Delivery appears to be a flat $55

Interlocking stones...interlock and apparently require zero skill

Although I imagine this type of stepped combination requires much skill

The corner of our yard is overly slopped, with a makeshift wall behind it and what appears to be homemade drainage. If you ask me the best thing to do is build a square around it

Throw in some compost

and maybe a solar light or two.

Then call it a day.

I want to talk to our contractor about building a square planter at each back corner of the yard because I enjoy symmetry. Our garden could accidentally, wonderfully, unanticipatedly become English!