Saturday, April 18, 2015

Thrifting means the plant usually costs more than the container

I don't normally like indoor plants. Sure, they purify oxygen and enliven rooms but they also die and create dust in the meantime. However this year I am so Spring Plant Amped that I bought a couple to keep indoors!

$1 Planter
$2.49 African Violet Plant

2.49 for the set of Clearance planters at Rite Aid 
6.49 Clearance stand at KMart
.83 each Begonia and Snapdragon

2.49 Peace lily
$1 Planter

I don't know if this will be this plant's permanent home. All I did was drop its black plastic container into the planter and call it a day. It looks quite MCM fake, doesn't it?

Friday, April 17, 2015

What's stirring in the garden (now with bonus exclamation points)

I spent a few hours this week cleaning up fallen leaves, seeing what survived winter and planting a few things. Of course, now its freezing and raining outdoors so we'll see if we have any survivors.

This tulip has almost bloomed!

I think this one is orange!

I think this tulip will have MULTIPLE blooms! Its the only one like it and I am hoping nothing eats it before I get a chance to see what happened.

I bought a flat of begonias and snapdragons and threw one into each of the tulip planters on the steps. In hindsight, purchasing the later blooming tulips was foolish.

Here are our front steps with the slowest growing tulip accompaniment. You can also see the tulip someone (I'm looking as you mailman) stepped on.

Oh and here is the hanging basket I am already regretting planting with peonies. I hate deadheading and they like being watered so this was just a bad idea. I bought them at Home Depot, which is woefully behind Lowes in plant selection (as always) but I had a coupon.

I almost trespassed unto my neighbor's lawn to see if her hydrangeas were back last week. Thankfully this week I have growth! This plant is to the right of the front steps (behind the planters).

On to the backyard!

I overplanted this little strip last year so I am trying to be more cognizant this year. Should everything make it through today's cold rain this is all I'm planting here in 2015 (well maybe a few coleus once they show up in store).

That autumn joy sedum from Flea Market 2013 has made another come-back! I retro-actively apologize to the sellers for not believing something this delicate was a perennial. 

The azalea is looking great! When we fill in the side yard I will definitely be planting another one of these there.

I've never identified this plant. My husband's friend has a ton growing at his house and gave us a sprig to cover my planting area back in '13. I just moved it to under the cherry tree because I can't get flowers to thrive there and bare dirt offends me ;)

Its taken about two year to cover about 6" of space so I guess being offended will just be the norm out here.

I was REALLY surprised to see Dusty Miller making a comeback. Its not supposed to stand coldest temperatures and this plant was covered in feet of snow. It doesn't get much colder than that.

The perennial mums don't have any sign of growth yet. 

BUT Look at THIS!

Last fall I planted some $1 mums in tiny little containers on my front steps. When they got ugly I moved them into our windowless shed and forgot they existed for four months. This week I opened the shed and check it out - GROWTH! These things weren't watered and didn't get any light all winter but they still made it.

I planted our poinsettias because I'm sick of their losing leaves all over the house. I really shouldn't buy them but they're only $1 on Black Friday and they look so cute for a while.

The peony is giving me pause. Clearly something grew but why is it looking so...shredded?

and finally - our cherry tree is about to blossom. Ignore the offensive earth below.

So how is your garden doing? Did you plant anything yet?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

This whole lawsuit sounds bad but I'm rooting for you Joss

Dear Joss,

I heard about this whole "Cabin in the Woods" lawsuit and the whole thing is bonkers. Obviously you wouldn't steal someone else's work but I'm concerned by the similarities between the names and story lines.

Obviously one of two things happened:

1. Stories are beamed down into people's slumber and you guys crossed dreams with the self-publisher.

2. Drew Goddard did all the heavy stealing and told you to make it funny. I just visited his IMDB page and he looks like a shady character you shouldn't be associating with anyway.

Let's just throw him under the bus and pretend this whole thing never happened.

Fanfully Yours,

Unless the cross-dream thing happened - in which case can you and I set up a cross-connection? I'd cancel Netflix.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

For Tomorrow, I List!

I really need to list stuff! The eBay room is messy and I like mailing.

Vase - $1
Jenga - $1
Cupcake bank - .75
Watch - .50
Pin - .25
Books - .10 each

This bank has a date stamp on the bottom - wonder why?

Something nautical for my next water adventure!

No battery but I figured it was ok for .50

I always see these candle holders at the Salvation Army. They must have been very popular at some point.

I never knew how much I loved pottery until I started thifting. It reminds me of the blue vase I thrifted about a year ago. 

I didn't realize I'd thrifted two sets of the first grade cards until I got home.

I am talking vintage:

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What it sold for: I didn't list edition

Paid .99, sold for $18

I haven't listed or pinned in over a week and its finally caught up with me - one sale all week!


Monday, April 13, 2015

You should go to the Trump Taj too!

Remember we stayed at the Trump Taj a few weeks ago? My husband bought a few extra groupon nights and we headed down again last week. It was AWESOME!

First of all - through April 30th when you gamble enough to get 50 points you get a bonus $100 in comp food and gaming money:,promotions_viewItem_3991-en.html so this time we played with "funny money" and I bought home $90 bucks and my husband got $40!

Things got even better when I got home and checked my rewards card: Each of our cards was comped two free nights in May and June, Sunday through Thursday. The craziest part? Each offer can be used up to TEN TIMES!

I wish Atlantic City were closer than two hours away because we'd be down there every week.

We stayed in the Chairman Tower again but this time we went down with my brother and his family. We had two adjoining rooms with Full Sized beds and it was pretty identical to the Queen we crashed in last time. I hadn't stayed in adjoining rooms since college and it was so much fun to just open that Door to Nowhere and visit some of my favorite people.

Since his girls are two and seven we did more family oriented stuff - like visiting the Toys R Us outlet and glow in the dark mini-golfing at Caesar's. I didn't realize Caesars was so ritzy - they had a Tiffany & Co, Burberry, Coach, etc stores right inside.

We also spent a lot of time in the heated pool at the Taj and eating breakfast at regular breakfast time instead of ambling downstairs at 2pm. The Taj has a lot of affordable eateries including chinese food, a burger joint, sub shop, etc.

Between the groupon and our comped cash it was a really affordable, fun trip.

We already booked our next trip for the end of June - when it will hopefully be warm enough to sit on the sand and also visit!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

More Yard Talk

I was scoping out yard fences (and their reviews)  on-line and in-store.

It turns out the latticed fence I liked the other day is not ideal for our area since we get occasional high winds. I now like this short little one

and this pretty scalloped one.

I just wanted to show these pretty solar powered flowers Home Depot sells for $15

Also, rather than using the smaller conventionally sized bricks as pavers alongside the new area I'm considering these 12" x12"step stones. They are about $1 each at Home Depot.

I'd put them flush against each other in a row so we could push the mower over them.

Home Depot has a lot of trees 50% off right now too.

Its warm outside (finally) so I spent a long time cleaning up fall debris, moving plants around and seeing what survived the winter. I think two of our three Dusty Miller plants made it even though they aren't rated as perennial our area! I also saw significant growth on the azalea and even the hydrangea has a few leaves. Exciting!