Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What it sold for: Woot Summer is over! Boo Summer is over! edition

Looks like that summer slump is over! Between this week's sales, the latest free listing promo and our upcoming garage sale things are starting to look managable.

Paid .79 - Sold for $8

Paid $1, sold for $8 - surprised this took about a year to sell

Paid $3.99, sold for $15

Paid $3.99, sold for $30

Paid $1.50, sold for $12

Paid $1, sold for $8 - bought this at a garage sale the same day I bought those Norman Rockwell mugs ^

Paid $5 for a set of a ton of these in February, finally sold these for $20
Lesson: Buyers like mugs but disdain cups with saucers

Paid .33, sold for $9.10

Paid .25, sold for $10.40
Christmas sales have begun!

Paid .29 or .49, sold for $5

I've learned so much about eBaying this past year and want to keep my listings at about 100 quality items. Right now I'm around 250 with probably another 50 to list so its not an impossible number. I figure at least half is junk I can garage sale/donate.

Monday, August 25, 2014

I bet the cashier at SA thinks my house is southwestern vintage

I can't help if I always tend towards pottery and blues!

Wii Fit game - 1.99 - I was just looking for this this weekend!
Chicken Little dvd - 1.99
Jelly Belly jar - .79
Pottery bowl - .79
Pizza pan - 1.99 & matching small bowls - .49 each

The bowls were there last week but small bowls are a slow sell for me. Let's see if a matching pizza pan makes them more desirable.

At first I thought it was a candle holder

but the bottom says candy dish and has an expiration date. How gross would a jelly bean pie taste? Prognosis: Very

I'm just drawn to this color pottery

This looks like the symbol for Scorpios. Other than that I got nuthin'

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

I was tricked into exercise!

I went to a local flea market in a park which takes place every two months. Last time they had a ton of Wii Fit games and since I haven't had any luck selling the second Wii board I figured I would buy my niece the game and gift her both.

No dice although I walked through at least three times in an hour and half and got a lot of inadvertent exercise!

Sealed New Yorker puzzle - $1
Sealed Vampire Diaries game - $1
2 new shirts for my niece - .50 each

I just caught up with the Vampire Diaries on netflix and am full of teenaged drama angst! *flail* I love that show because death is just a temporary inconvenience.

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I'll buy Mums but I won't admit summer is ending!

Its a good thing I didn't have carseats in the car today because I came home with two of these strapped into the back!

I picked up two of these mums for $1 each at Lowes. Both were lopsided and looked pretty quirky in a container but look fine planted. I have to keep up with the daily waterings until they're established since mums have notoriously shallow roots.

That planter was 75% off to $6.25. Another lady and I talked ourselves into buying two each because they're so pretty even though neither of us knows where they will go yet. Well its August so ours went right into the storage shed. I don't know what she's doing with hers.

A local nursery recently paired with True Value so I dropped by to see the changes. These Luna Red Hibiscuses are GORGEOUS! They're perenials and each bloom was about the size of my hand (wide open!). They were $18.99 with a 20% end of season sale so I decided to come home and research.

These are only a few feet tall but I've seen these bushes taller than a one story home locally! I don't know what kind of Magic Bean fertilizer they're using because the internet says they're supposed to be cut down at the end of the season. Unfortunately their blooms will only last a day too.

I'm still debating buying a couple of these. They're gorgeous but I don't know where I would plant them. I want to keep the yard as easy to mow as possible and don't want a huge bush growing right next to the garage.

First World Problem?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Noooooooooooo! DVDs are 1.99 now!

The recent influx of sealed dvds must have led the local Salvation Army to double their prices!

4 Kid dvds (sealed) - 1.99 each
Starbucks ornaments - 1.99
Sweater stone - .49

Interesting but I will stick to my lint remover.

Its time to start listing all this Christmas stuff again.

Can't you imagine someone Sweating to the Oldies on this bike? It was a new arrival and not priced yet but I bet it finds a home quickly.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

What will I do when summer ends?

In my parent's town in Dominican Republic everyone keeps their windows open all the time and people barely spend time indoors. Even televisions are set on porches and if they could figure out a way to have decent outdoor bathrooms they probably would!

Now that summer is winding down I'm enjoying laying on my hammock, tending my flowers and spending as much time outside as possible. Soon snow will come and I'll be left with a few boring house plants (and all these posts tagged plant life!).

Side table - 4.99
Hot Lather Machine - 4.99
Angel box - 1.99

If my car were larger I would buy a glass outdoor table since everyone has them 75% off right now. Instead I content myself with these cute little side tables. We're supposed to have a BBQ this weekend so I am psyched to put them to use!

Hopefully the bottom hasn't dropped out on those lather machines - $5 buys TABLES at this place.

The ceramic box has angel wings inside! eBay says you are supposed to hold them while praying. Listed here.

Other than that - I stained this board outside yesterday and its still drying. At first I thought about using it in the basement as a super low ledge for our sub and central speaker under the projector screen. Then I thought it would make a cute outdoor bench. Then I thought it would make a better plant stand for next year. Clearly I spend too much in DIY land.

The azalea I planted in front of the house looks pretty dead, on account of my never watering it. I moved it to the back to see if it will survive and plopped a $5 Home Depot hydrangea in its place. Hopefully my love for this plant will ensure I remember to water it.

I also picked up two $1.99 mums at Depot for the front steps. I expect them to start blooming as it starts getting cold enough to kill the Upper Step Begonia.

I bought four Mums about this size (less than a foot tall) last fall and planted them in...October or maybe even November. Two of them survived (maybe the other two would have survived too but I ripped them out too soon). The survivors grew to about two feet wide this summer! I want to plant these in that large planter from the other week because the plants are ridiculously low maintenance and cutely round.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I bet Stephen King is repainting his house right now

Benjamin Moore is the official paint of the Boston Red Sox (really). Normally these oddball affiliations don't add up to anything but this time we get paints in hilariously appealing to men names:

"The Fenway Collection includes Green Monster 12, Boston Blue 09, Boston Red 42, Baseline White 08, and Foul Pole Yellow 27."

The article adds "The paint retails at approximately $24.99 per quart and $54.99 per gallon, and a percentage of sales will be used to renovate little league ballparks in the Boston area." http://www.bostonmagazine.com/home-design/blog/2014/08/19/benjamin-moore-introduces-fenway-collection/

Its a good cause and these colors to lend themselves to Boston's vista but the price? Go buy American Standard and color match it to that picture up there ^

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What it sold for: Lazy end of Summer edition

This week I sold 1-2 things a day EXCEPT I had eBay auto-open a non-paying bidder case against a slacker. While that case was open I didn't sell a single thing! I don't know if eBay drops views on auctions when the seller has an open case or just hides them completely but I sure am peeved with that slacker buyer!

Paid $1; sold for $7.80

Paid .50; sold for $10.40

Paid $1; sold for $11.75

Paid .50; sold for $6.50

Paid .25; sold for $4 almost a year later
Baby clothes are tough!

Paid .29; sold for $6