Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What it sold for: Zen edition

Only two thrifting sales on eBay and only three sales altogether this week. I haven't listed anything new and have curbed back on thrifting until the next time I get freebie listings. I'm ok with it though - less trips to the post office!

Paid .49 each, sold both for $9 - Glad to sell them as they are less desirable colors

Paid .50, sold for $12

Ironically what I eBayed more than covers how much I spent thrifting last week. Why would anyone shop on eBay during the summer when garage sales are so prevalent?

Monday, July 21, 2014

What a clever Lego table!

Crystal at Fussy Monkey Business transformed this uber dated end table:

into this swank Lego holder:

using a jigsaw to cut out the top and spray paint to...paint. Full details here: http://fussymonkeybiz.blogspot.com/2013/07/lego-table.html

Apparently Target sells the lego bases for $14.99.

My husband owned an end table just like this when we met. It was uber laminate and ugly but it had belonged to a relative so he loved it. He would have probably loved it more if it held Legos instead of imaginary corded phones.

Also - what's up with bloggers spray painting everything these days? I predict in a year all these "spray all things" posts will be replaced by "strip and refinish all peeling things."


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Welcome Yourself!

I don't focus much on our house's curb appeal. We always go in through the side door and the front door doesn't have my slippers waiting next to it. At Christmastime I put a wreath on it.

The Thrifty Groove made her front door much more appealing by taking a thrifted (duh) picture:

Spray painting the frame, putting fabric inside the frame and sticking WELCOME on the front of the glass:

She pointed out how easy it would be to swap the patriotic fabric for festive, holiday appropriate wrapping paper.

Full tutorial here: http://thethriftygroove.blogspot.com/2014/06/hi-everyonei-thought-i-would-share-idea.html

I dig it!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Well I said I wasn't going to go saling today...

Since I have so much eBay stock sitting around I decided to skip saling today. I still needed to visit the post office and it was within sight of that rummage sale where I found American Airlines mugs soooo.....

Giants glasses - .49 each at the Salvation Army

The glass on the right is what we use for regular drinking at our house. These Giants glasses are bigger so we can keep them! I drink a ton of water so size matters :D

Rummage sale - $3
Tea light holder, glass ladle, hollow penguin, candle wax collecty-things, Happy Birthday cookie cutter

It took months to sell my last batch of Tupperware cookie cutters since they are apparently invincible and everyone owned them 30 years ago. Luckily the ones at the sale were loose in a tin so I just picked the one I wanted to keep :D

The pattern did me in. Now I can burn tapers with impudence. WITH IMPUDENCE

but what is it? The glass is very thin and the only opening is the mouth so I don't think it would work for air plants. What's that? You think it would be really cute at the holidays with fake snow inside? Genius!

Oh candle holders, I want to own you all. I've seen this one at Yankee Candle before holding succulents:

or filled with rubbish:

I'm leaning towards shells.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Some pre-weekend thrifting

I've been looking for a small bench or skinny chair to put in our mudroom/hallway which is about three feet wide and full of recycling containers and shoes. I'd rather sit and put on my shoes than brace myself against the wall.

Alas this $3.99 ottoman is not the solution. Its too low and the top is soft so eventually I would end up sunken into it. It sure is cute though, right?

2 Ikea brackets - .49 each
Sugar & Creamer - .99 each

This set was at the SA for over a week. I kept looking at it because I love those colors but I haven't been able to sell any pottery lately. The sugar lid finally convinced me to get it - how cute is it!?



Anyway the shelf brackets are because I have plant stands on my mind. Here are a couple which caught my eye:

Copper wire bracketted unto wood: http://upcycledtreasures.com/2014/06/diy-rustic-modern-plant-stand/

Mid-century inspired DIY stand: http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2014/06/diy-mid-century-style-plant-stand.html

I checked those legs and plates at my Lowe's and am leaning towards replacing the plastic wheeled one in the living room with one of these. The legs were about $5 and the plates about $1.60 so even with three legs and a coupon for the wood round it would cost about $25 to make. The upside is I could take the wheeled one and set it outside under the hibiscus.

We'll see, I have a lot of projects floating in my head.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rite Aid Planters are Just Neat

I mentioned the other day I'd trimmed all the yellow foliage from troublesome hibiscus and it had new growth - including new buds. Well check it out:

Now that life seemed to be restored I decided to repot it:

The pot is one step up in size and exactly what I needed according to the internet. It came as part of a set of three for $15:

I'd been shopping around for a larger pot for a few days and those things are unduly expensive! Every garage sale and thrift store has small pots but the larger ones are hard to come by. Luckily I had to run into Rite Aid with my niece and saw this set one a top shelf. There were about 30 pots on lower shelves but they looked like this one and this one.

Nice and colorful but I'm a mellower person.

Its a good variety of sizes for $15. Summer clearance normally starts at the end of July so these will go down to $7.50 for the trio.

I planted our only underperforming coleus in the small one. Hopefully my fussing will kick it into overdrive.

I repotted the other hibiscus into the large pot. This pot is too big for it and its heavy to boot. I don't have a saucer large enough so I set it on a crate we use for recycling for now.

Here it is double bloom on Tuesday:

I still don't know what the flea market plant is called but it appears to be healthy and growing:

Dusty Miller continues to be a favorite of mine. Anything which looks this cool in 90 degree weather is ok by me:

and some lush coleus:

These are from the same flat as the underperformer but received more light.

I was at Lowes earlier in the week and they had the four foot tall hibiscus trees down to $10:

I was really tempted but trying to keep my smaller ones alive this winter will be hard enough.

This amazing trellis/planter was about four feet tall and also on clearance:

I could have gotten it home and I really kept debating where I could put it and in the end left it behind. Is it me or are stores clearancing summer very early this year?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cutting it up at the thrifts

I shouldn't be thrifting with so much unlisted merchandise but I've found so much awesome stuff at the Salvation Army I keep going back for more. I may even find jadeite dinner plates one day!

I went in today with an "if its not awesome, don't buy it" mentality and look at what I found:

Hummel frame - 1.49
Towel rack - 2.99
Coffee warmer - 3.99
2 sets of Cutco knives - 7.99 each
Flower pot - .49

I'd been pricing larger pots for the hibiscus so I know how expensive they are. Isn't this one gorgeous? I will check the FS initials first (just in case) then stuff it with dirt and let it sit in the rain.

There are water spots and the handles look ancient but the metal is pristine. The middle one fits in the slot but has a different type of handle.

This is the other set. Look at the knife third from the left - what is such a weird, round, long knife for?

While on winter break in college I responded to one of those newspaper ads for "$18/hour, part time work" ads and ended up at a Cutco interview. I never sold Cutco but was offered a receptionist job at that interview. It paid less than $18 but was fun while it lasted.

My last two Hummel kits haven't sold although Facebook keeps telling me to buy it. The last time Hummel kits were mentioned it was by someone who said she's had great luck selling completed kits. This one looks completed to me!

I kept waffling but the quality on this finally won me over.

Its a pot with a space underneath for (I suppose) a tea light to keep the beverage warm. The whole thing is intricate and beautifully built. Best of all - there isn't rust inside the band like my Pyrex pot from Saturday!

Unfortunately when I got home and googled it they were going for about $20 - except that one guy who has one listed for $120 because of his supposed crack addiction.

The towel rack is super nice with ceramic ends and was destined for my parent's basement. However the top part looked a little wide to me once I got it home.

Amazon said these are meant for going over glass shower doors - like I had in my last apartment. Bummer, guess I will try Facebook.

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