Friday, March 27, 2015

Thank goodness I don't live in earthquake country!

I really love breakables!

Pyrex covered dish: 4.99
Simon Flash: 3.99
Vase: 2.99
Depression plate: 1.99
Plant holder: .99
Mugs: .49 each
Espresso cups: .29 each

I've been finding a lot of nice vintage glass recently. eBay can have this one since

I kept the green bird bowl to use as a napkin holder!

I buy a lot of stuff in this color and it never sells. I am hoping the Lenox name will be enough to get it sold!

Is it summer yet? Every morning I go outside and tell my tulips to grow. I am a terrible plant bully.

Marked USA on the bottom. I've been buying a lot of vintage pottery too.

I forgot my phone in the car so didn't have a chance to look it up and see it only goes for $15 on eBay.  I will probably just put it on craigslist.

The Simon game is a keeper! I played it a few times already and its fun! I like matching color puzzles like this.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Yesterday's Finds

$2.50 - MWave
$1 - Bears

Summer is coming! I am going to keep these as tentative summer decor.

The MWave looked like this when I popped open the battery cover. I used the old baking soda trick

As you can see there was still corrosion left but I didn't have gloves and this was as good as I was going to get it

and it was good enough!

Now to hook these cables up. *squints* They even predate the green, red and blue trio of pre-hdmi times!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Genius Labelling Idea!

Someone on my facebook message group received an eBay item with the label printed right on the manila envelope! This is genius and I wish I'd thought of it!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What it sold for: I'm mad at you eBay edition

Did you read your spring update newsletter? eBay is going to eliminate almost all of our free listings and instead "rebate" listing fees. If my widget doesn't sell I need to pay a fee. If it sells eBay will refund the fee.

Of course the change being implemented over the summer when sales are traditionally down. When these ridiculous fees make our sales even worse eBay can blame it on seasonal downturns instead of their wack-ass idea.

I thrift my stock and unfortunately most result in under $20 auctions. Currently I am ok with waiting a year to sell a $15 item because I have storage space and eBay won't charge me until it sells. How will I feel when I am paying what equates to virtual rent?

So why is eBay doing this?

1. They're greedy but can't keep bumping FVF fees. My extra quarters plus your extra quarters equals extra millions.

2. Better quality stuff - I am not going to bother listing my cheapo-auctions

3. Get more money from the businesses they've been recruiting for a while now - have you noticed most on-line stores now have an on-line presence on the bay? Have you also noticed how poor most of their feedback ratings are whilst maintaining PowerSeller status?

Enough ranting - I started listing again and had seven sales:

Puppies sold for $10

The Raid mug sold the first week for $9.10. I think this was .49

Paid .50, sold for $15

The National Parks book I bought last week for .10 sold for $15 on I always double list media on eBay and Half because you never know which will go first.

I've got to curb my thrifting and try to unload some more of these auctions. We will only be allowed 20 frees monthly and I currently have about 260 active items. Think I can sell 250'ish things before changes go into effect?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Its as if they don't even realize what a frog is

Half priced green tags today:

.99 Candle holder
.99 Baubble
.49 Candle holder/frog hybrid

They appear to match from the side

but one is clearly yellowy while the other is bluey
Remember how excited I was to find the original frog? Now I find one almost every time I go in.

I was about to set the candle holder aside as a donation item but this looks cute.

This was the most ticketted item in the store - seven price tags!

I'm a sucker for pretty crystal.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Thrifting - as seen on TV

Sometimes people donate in themes. Today we had a lady donate a ton of "As seen on TV stuff" and it was fun ascertaining the stuff is even lamer in person than it looks on the packaging LOL

Tub o Toys - $5
Operation - $1
Plant stuff - $1
Dog figurine - .75
Wallet - .25
Book - .10

I think those hanging planters would look cute outside on the patio's support beams. I am undecided on the moss. Done well its charming but improperly applying it makes real plants look fake.

I bought a set of fake cami-insets and one of those bands you put under a shirt to fake having worn a longer shirt. If they don't work I'll toss them and only be out change.

I upgraded the gym wallet I got about a month ago to one with a separate spot for my shuffle. The old one had one compartment and the gym lock kept bumping into and turning on my player. The new one isn't perfect as I'd like a slightly larger one but its ok for now.

The best holiday stuff happens between holidays.

I saw this Giant Tub o Little People as I was doing my final walk-through to ensure everything was in order before closing for the night. We normally sell Little Folks for .25 and this tub was $5 but I took a chance.

Holy Moly! I don't think we need to buy another little person - ever!

There were three of my faves. As you can see the paint on a lot of them is a little scuffed but for $5 I'll take it.

Any ideas what these pieces are? The tub had little folk and their transportation vehicles but zero indicator on what these could be.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What it sold for: Not so bad

We were away half of this week so I didn't list anything new. Eight things went out the door - and all eight were surprises!

Not true - this was not a surprise since I had her listed for almost a year. The mismatched pair sold for $10 but it was all profit since the rest of the lot sold ages ago.

Sold for $10

Sold for $12
This was a comparatively new listing and none of the other Barlow letter openers had sold recently so I'm glad mine was chosen to go!

Sold for $9
Ditto this - I thought this was a sure dud guaranteed to sit around for years!

Sold for $16 to Japan
Ironically I saw a third roll of this paper at the same store last week but left it because my post-shopping research said this was a bad buy.

This latest promo ends soon and I hadn't wanted to list anything so I have to get my butt in gear - remember all those breakables from last week? I haven't even washed them yet!