Thursday, September 18, 2014

A not-so-thrifty thrift

Remember the first time I spent enough at the Salvation Army to need a credit card? These days most of my transactions are from there! Asides from that time I bought a shelf, today was the most I've spent in one day - $26.37.

I'm going to see it as half full because I've become less thrifty and more willing to take risks!

New Skechers tone-ups - 7.99
Two-way radio - 4.99
Body by Jake - 2.99
Wedding bell - 2.99
Planter - 1.49
2 Ace pantyhose - .99 each
Chicken - .49
Whale figurine - .49
Mustard pot - .29

I saw this the other day and could not get its cute shape and color out of my head. After pinterest and google agreed on how cute plants in black planters look I had to go back for it. Had to!

This one matches the other day's tea lights. I grouped them all on eBay so hopefully that will be the tipping point on a sale.

I wavered on this figurine but her whales book finally won me over.

HOW CUTE IS THIS!? The previous owner was apparently using it as a sugar bowl because they could not read cursive.

These are a size 9. If they were smaller I would have kept them.

Let's hope this one sells quickly. Would it be too weird to call a bell a cake topper?

I haven't tried out this radio yet.

I didn't realize this was a add-on to that chair that Jake Guy was hawking 15 years ago. Argh! That's going to sit a while.

GUYS! Asides from the radio I haven't tested out EVERYTHING else is on eBay already! I have 281 live listings right now thanks to this last free listing promo:

I also took out a garage sale permit for this weekend and I can sell Friday, Saturday and Sunday but I think I will keep it old school and just do Saturday and Sunday. I am staying up late tonight listing stuff because I lost a lot of time this week to babysitting and family erranding so I'd rather have an extra day to organize and sort instead of just jumping on to the driveway.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Do eBayers ever catch up?

I was really hoping to get AT LEAST five new auctions every day during this new promotion but it hasn't happened. I need to be more disciplined next time - even if it means *GASP* waking up early.

$5 for the lot at the little thrift store - surprisingly only one thing for eBay!

I'm psyched the water filter fits our fridge. It was labelled $1 and I wasn't sure it would fit but I figured worst case I could flip it on the Bay.

I see errant Corningware at the Salvation Army all the time but it always costs more than I want to pay. I bought a base set at Kohls one Black Friday and have been adding to it. Example One. Example Two. One of those replacement websites sells lids for dirt cheap on Black Friday so I may order a glass one for this. I already own this size bowl but two bowls - one lid? INSANITY!

I'm hoping my new Giants loungewear will turn around their luck.

Haeger has been following me.

Unfortunately someone was using this one as a planter and while I was cleaning out the glue I chipped one of the back wheels. I'll still list it but it may have just turned into a slow seller.

I also suckered myself into bringing this home to list on Craigslist for the little thrift store. Here's the thing - I know typewriters sell well and I have access to them all the time. I also know I'd never want to ship one so I don't buy them. Today I said we should list it on CG and the manager asked if I wanted to bring it home and see how it does.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What it sold for: Ain't nobody got time edition

I didn't do one of these last week because my sales were terrible. I had back to back non-paying bidders so my sales tanked. Thankfully things have gotten better! Here are some highlights:

I successfully sold this butterprint before breaking it. Huzzah!

This one elephant from that Big Bag o Plush sold for $7! That is more than I spent on the lot!

That same lot had two Cabbage Patch Dolls but the other one was rather beat up so I will garage sale her. This one sold for $19.50

The same person paid $7.80 for this tin. I've learned my lesson - only some old tin sells! No feedback yet and the buyer was kinda fussy so I hope it arrives safely.

My big sale was $39 for this RRP set. Shipping was $23 to Cali and no feedback yet either so wish me luck!

This little bear took over a year to sell although looking at the picture I can see why! This is one of the reasons I don't photograph at night any longer.

That's it for this week - I sold more but listing everything individually is a lot of work. If you're curious this is the direct link to my completed sales:

Monday, September 15, 2014

and that's why I double bag

Framed print - 3.99
Books tissue cover - 1.99
Haeger ashtray - 1.99
Martini glasses - .99 each
Vase - .79
Mug - .49
Pencil holder - .49
Chicken tea light holders - .49 each

I first saw these in a magazine in high school. The base of the glass is filled with ice and the martini (trinagular portion) lifts out. I passed up a similar set ages ago but these had a Crate & Barrel sticker so they should be an easier sell.

Don't vintage ashtrays make you want to smoke? This would make a gorgeous jewelry holder because its so large.

Smooth white breakable vases with a Japan sticker? Sure! I found such pretty things today.

This is a bonafide pen cup with cork bottom! I don't know what its doing in an urban NJ town but whatever.

Not my style but well made and better priced!

I was an english major *shrug* We still use the mirrored one from years ago although my husband hates how "bonus sized" tissue boxes don't fit inside. America needs to stop supersizing!

No idea.

The print had this informative paper on the back. I don't know how I would ship something like this but it was signed so I figured it was worth a shot. I have a few things on craigslist so what's a few more?

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Every time I bulk list on eBay I say it will be the last time...

Did you get the new "500 free auction-style listings until Thursday" promotion? I need it because I bought so much stuff last week but these binge listings take a long time! I only listed twelve things today - focusing mainly on easy to list mugs and stuff with UPC codes but it still took a few hours.

I like it and its fun but I would be way more productive if I photographed as I purchased and then bulk listed when the promos came around!

I'm kind of torn on what to do with these mushroom bookends. As you can see they are chipped but they are also hand carved alabaster. Each one weighs almost four pounds so they would cost a fortune to ship.

eBay isn't being optimistic - the only similar one which sold went for $5.50 but on the other end someone has been unsuccessfuly listing a pair for $89 for months. I may try facebook or craigslist just to avoid shipping.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

It could be worse - I could be collecting stones!

Mugs - .29 each
Tights - .99

I keep buying these southwestern looking mugs even though I tend towards other colors in my own decor. Maybe my tastes are evolving again?

Good job trying to ruin the resale value on these tights with prices right on the packaging. Luckily I have a MAGIC eraser and your plan was foiled.


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Friday, September 12, 2014

Introducing: The 3rd fondue pot in our house

$3.99 at the Salvation Army

I saw the pot from this exact same pot twice last week at the flea market and picked them up both times, confusing them for the beloved Dansk.

I haven't sold the two previous fondue pots but this one had everything in the original box

including this thing - which may be a burner? I don't know, the other two run off tea lights.

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