Friday, August 1, 2014

Dear Future Guests, The tv is now off the floor

Isn't it nice when you find an excellent deal on something you were kinda looking for? I just bought this tv stand for our guest room:
Costs $100 with $70 back in rewards points and $10 cashback from Discover so about $20 total. Score!

(Shop Your Way is the Sears/KMart rewards points system. You can use points at either location. My points from this purchase expire in three months.)

Action Shot! This is the tv I bought years ago. Its a 32" so perfect for this smaller stand. It's been sitting on the floor facing the wall for almost a year and it was finally time to remove it from time out!

Check out my brother's old SNES and Sega he just gave us. Unfortunately the Sega plug seems to be MIA so no Sonic for us. He also gave us a bunch of games I'm going to throw on eBay for $3. No one wants to play baseball with players from 1998.

No cable and no blu-ray player up here but we'll probably hook up my old antenna, if only to give it a place to be. Nothing but the vintage best for our guests!

Fancy! Not as a nice as a Kosta sticker but nice.

It even came with an installation video! I didn't need to watch it because installation was straightforward and the instructions were actually legible. Assembly took about twenty minutes, including unboxing and going from the second floor to the basement for a screwdriver.

In contrast, this is the first floor tv stand (purchased at Target) and it hours to assemble between two people. There was a 1-800 number and when I called with questions about a screw (for my super mainstream Sony tv) they told me to go to Home Depot.

These are the tv stands which are super cheap after points:;_Sears/b-1219246425?filter=Brand_storeOrigin&previousSort=ORIGINAL_SORT_ORDER&viewItems=50&sid=IAx20050830x000545&aff=Y&PID=4485850&AID=11042411

Although to see everything I would recommend a search on I know KMart has similar deals on the same stands but couldn't find a linkable page with them all.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

A literary thrift

Audio books - 2.99 each
Dr. Jeckyll glass - .49

The first "comissioned" eBay sale I had was over a decade ago. A friend's mom worked at Penguin Publishing and had boxes of audio tapes in her basement. We made quite a score selling Stephen King's books!

In each of us, two natures are at war – the good and the evil. All our lives the fight goes on between them, and one of them must conquer. But in our own hands lies the power to choose – what we want most to be we are.” - Robert Louis Stephenson

Unless I find out this is worth $50 I am going to keep it as a vase on my nightstand. This and Frankenstein are my two favorite stories. In fact - I had the Frankenstein cassette as a kid and listed to that story hundreds of times.

I've been to the restaurant a few times: The food is decent but the ambiance is ridiculously creepy. Folks in disguises walk around and you enter through an elevator full of black and white videos of expirements. Its lots of fun and you should go!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Its a Kosta Day!!!

Goodwill - 2.99 Kosta tea light holder (keeper)

I debated this very holder at Marshalls last fall when they had it for $20 clearanced to $10. I'm glad I didn't get it! I was near the goodwill dropping off some craigslist kids dvds. Double glad I ran in :D

The day brought me near the Salvation Army (as usual):

Snowglobe - 1.99
Lenox vase - 1.99
Kosta pillars - 1.99/pair
Gooseberry - 1.49
Boussu...something - .99
Kids dvds - .99 each
Godinger spreader - .49

Lenox is a slow seller for me but these cuteys are worth it.

The last Godinger I found were those tarnished candle stick holders no one wants to buy.

This is super heavy, detailed and has a peacock so I bought it anyway. I almost wish I had a need for one but my knives are unitaskers.

KOSTA KOSTA! I am going to send these to eBay so the universe will send me more Kosta :D

That's how Kosta balances itself out, right?

This plays "Joy to the World" and came with its original box complete with styrofoam. We'll see how I end up selling it.

What is this? I figured googling Boussu would tell me but nada. Its a crystal cube about 2" on each side with a small opening. Did I buy another bud vase? Or did I buy the world's fanciest pen holder? It would have to be a pen who's coolness level approximated my silver Sharpie.

I'm glad to report all the stuff I bought will have a safe place upstairs! I listed a lot (not all), cleaned up and bought a shelf from KMart:

It was only $15 and it came with a door I don't need. I forget stuff I can't see and forgetting what I buy is a bad idea!

It looks overly crowded but its already better than a week ago because I can walk around now! I am still on the lookout for another 15 cubby shoe holder. Even Amazon wants me to buy the larger 25 shelf. I guess if I got a 25 cubby I could put it under the window and stick this 15 cubby one under the table.

Or maybe everything will sell overnight and my needing to organize storage will be a moot point!

I am sharing with a living space:

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What it sold for: the "list & sell" edition

As soon as I got that 5000 free listings promotion I knew my sales would start up again:

Paid $1 - sold for $8

Paid .79, sold for $5.20 (this one taught me to be more aware of personalized crap)

Paid .29, sold for $5

Paid .79, sold for $10.40 about six months later because apparently he was not very good in this role

I think .79, sold for $11.50

Paid $1 last summer, sold for $5

Paid .29 or .49, sold for $6.50

Additionally I had six sales from stuff I'd purchased in stores to eBay. Keep on decluttering on, my friends!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Quick run out

I hate thrifting on Mondays but since I was right there:

Vinyasa yoga dvd - .99
Boyton mug - .49
2 other mugs - .29 each
Tinkerbell decals - 1.49

Isn't this the best logo!?

I hope a PMS'ing chem student buys this one.

4 dvds - .99 each
I threw these on facebook/craigslist for a nice, easy flip (hopefully)

When I did bikram we practiced vinyasa and it was quite relaxing.

I linked to Sir Thrift:

Sunday, July 27, 2014

There's your twin!

You know you thrift too often when you start finding matches and pairs to stuff you already bought:

Crate & Barrel fondue set - .99
2 Mugs - .29 each

I bought the other rooster mug on Friday and it had handle damage. At first I was peeved into wanting to leave this one behind but then I came to my senses. .29 is a good price.

If I designed house wares half would be smooth white procelain. The other half would be smooth colored glass.

It looks like someone used this fondue set without removing the sticker! That must have smelled great.

1.99 plastic stand :)

I am linked to Thrifter Sharer:

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ugh don't go in the eBay room!

Hey does that look familiar? It should because its everything I thrifted in July!

I photograph on that silver table (my old desk). In the back corner is my kick ass black scale and the white orb is my ambient light.

Nothing else should be on that table.

The problem is when I thrift and wash stuff downstairs I take it up to this room and set it on the table to photograph. When I run out of space on the table I put it on the floor. When I don't get free listings it becomes...that.

So today instead of saling I took some photos for the free listing promo and tried to organize a bit.

Now you can barely tell but all the way to the right side of the picture is a generic five shelf...bookshelf. Right next to it on the floor is a 15 cubby shoe holder like this:

This shelf is great for mugs because it has 15 compartments but I can fit three mugs in each one. If the mugs/glasses are thin I can even fit little tchokes next to them too. As I list I move stuff off the table/floor and unto a bookshelf or that cubby.

I need another cubby shelf in that exact size to put on top of it. Right now the space is being wasted by a sideways box from our move last year(!) and it has the structural integrity of...a box on its side.

Even more tragic is the "three shelf" next to it made up of three boxes on their sides. That one is being held up by my expectations.

A crappy little thin shelf would fit perfectly and be a good place to store "to be listeds." Throwing stuff on the table only works until I need to move it on to the floor to photograph it anyway. Plus once an organizational system is in place I am discipled enough to say stuff like "that shelf is full, I either photograph or stop shopping!"

My husband and I will be out of town from Monday-Thursday so I haven't decided what to do with my auctions yet. Unfortunately I can't take 200+ items on a road trip and since I don't have a store I can't just set everything on vacation. I also don't want to sell stuff and then deal with dings for slow shipping.

I think I'm just going to list as much as I can tomorrow, then remove all the "buy it now" options. When I get back I can tackle better organizing this room. There will always be free listings!