Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What it sold for: Fuzzy Edition

I am buying and listing so much I forget prices!

Paid .49, sold for $6.40

I can't remember but they sold for $39

Paid .49, sold for $7.80

These guys took a year to sell for $9.10 and were a pain to store because of their legs. Don't buy these!

Paid .25 or .50 and sold for $10.40

Paid $2 and sold for $19.50 quickly PLUS it fit in a padded flat rate envelope. It doesn't get better than that!

Monday, November 24, 2014

More dripware? Don't mind if I do.

I saw these Pfaltzgraff pieces yesterday but wishy-washed and left them. Today they had the sugar bowl and saucers out so I decided to buy a bunch and lot it in with that creamer I've had listed for ages.

Pyrex bowl - 1.99
Saucers - 1.99 for the lot
Everything else - .49 each

If they'd had dinner plates I would have been tempted to buy them for me. How gorgeous is this pattern!?

Looks like someone else's overpriced garage sale rejects.

Anything with an ampersand is automatically cooler!

I almost forgot! I bought this Shark steamer for $14.99. I spilled lasagna on my car seat Friday and was wondering how I would clean it up. Ta-da!

In news of things I didn't buy:

Mikasa mugs - .49 each
Light dripware and external ribbing!? Too bad I love our other mugs so much.

The matching bowls and plates sorely tempted me. That huge stack of plants was only $4.99 and the bowls were $2.99 for 6. However our dishware is perfectly a-ok and I don't plan to replace it until I find jadite.

Hear me universe? Jadite Plates Please.

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Just keep buying McCoy

Do you guys find yourselves consistently buying a certain type of "pretty thing" for eBay even if its not like anything in your homes?

Tweety mug - .49
McCoy & Hull mugs - .99 each
Bowl - .99
Ornament - .99

I told you prices had gone up so I was surprised to see this one still at .49

I love this handle! There was a matching cup but unfortunately chipped.

My husband's goddaughter is named Amanda.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

I made gift baskets...but wrapped them in purple

I don't know where to buy clear cellophane! I went to a bunch of stores and finally remembered my husband had a roll of purple he bought into the marriage so I just went with that:

I wish I'd taken a picture before wrapping them up because they were so cute! This one was especially akward because the cellophane ran out and I had to contort it.

They cost about $10 total to make:

$1.99 x2 - Celestial Seasonings tea
.80 x2 - Honey Bear from Rite Aid
.25 x2 - Baskets from the Little Thrift Store
$1.50 - Serenity Prayer ceramic thingy
.50 - Mug
.19 x2 Limes
.99 - Shredded blue paper liner

Of course then our group decided to raffle them off for free rather than as a fund raiser so we lost money on them but they were still fun to make!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Guest Bedroom Done!

I joke room are never "done" but this one has everything it needs...for now ;)

I spent almost an hour at Ikea buying curtain hardware. Well, I spent 30 seconds picking it up but you know how time flies at that place. While there I picked up that small rectangular pillowcase for $7 and insert for $5. The beads wrapped around it are an old saled belt. The square pillow was sold at Target a while ago so I bought it at the Salvation Army for $1.49. Unfortunately they only had one.

I raised the curtain hardware on the smaller window. Its a tad higher than planned so I wouldn't have to hem the curtain. *taps temple* Christmas gifts are on the bench because our Christmas tree is still inside this closet:

My beloved faux-celona blocks half the closet but this is all holiday storage stuff anyway. I originally had the husband on the bed but Mom kept moving it so I just left it where she put it and threw on a fuzzy pillow to soften it.

Oh and see the rack on the door? I bought so much stuff for this room in such a short period after ignoring it for so long!

Not much changed here except we finally tried to turn on the SNES and it red lighted us. Bummer.

and a cloudy daytime shot. Doesn't that look cosy? The pillows are off but I can wait to find the perfect mishmash.

Oh and here is a bonus shot of my niece playing with all her toys in the empty half of the room. Cleaning up was so easy since toys are stored in the eBay room across the hall.

Many thanks to Apartment Therapy for guiding this cure. The steps were simple and well paced but since Mom stayed here for two weeks right in the middle I couldn't always follow along. Luckily we didn't paint so catching up wasn't so hard!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Are blowmolds still good sellers?

My local Salvation Army and little thrift store have spoiled me so much I only go into Goodwill if I am driving past anyway. In fact my Goodwill tag says I haven't bought anything there since August.

I drove past today on my way to Ikea and

$12.99 Santa
.49 mug

He lights up and the paint is in good shape. This is the worst of his damage. It looks like he was scraped being set up or stored. I saw one sell for $60 while in the store but didn't note the September date. Someone else is selling it for $30. I may try putting it on Craigslist and if he doesn't sell welcome him to our home :)

This is the mug. I love selling (read shipping) mugs and this is the season to sell! The bottom says Croft or Craft.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Its official - our nieces have more toys at our house than their own

Someone asked Apartment Therapy how to make their home comfortable for visiting children. Amateurs! Even when I lived with roommates I always made sure my nieces had toys and books to read. Now that we own a home? Pack and play, changing mat, high chair, toys, books - heck we even have bath toys and Aveeno for Babies stocked.

Of course I've always spent time with kids and love thrifting!

Thrifting whilst volunteering. That green mug is a Starbucks mug; I hadn't found one of those in a while. The 1977 book is for my husband to flip through because he was born that year. The basket is to replace the one I bought last week which was too small.

First ugly Christmas sweater of the year

Little People Garage, plane and a loud little toy with animals

This is the third time I buy this guy. He was part of that farming set my older niece decided to keep and also part of the set I craigslisted earlier this summer. Oddly enough that blue thing switches hands.

I rushed through my post-thrifting errands because I was going to buy this from Le Creuset thing from a facebook seller who lives about three minutes away. $5

Those gift baskets I have to assemble are for this Friday. I googled around and like this blogger's get well soon basket. Remind me to buy two lemons or limes tomorrow!

I picked up a pair of honey blend bears from Rite Aid. They cost $1 but with my 20% buy way too much stuff discount they only cost .80 each.

That's because the honey is mixed with corn syrup.

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