Thursday, June 18, 2015

Inspiration Thursday: Concrete/Cement/Whatevs

Hey remember last fall when I put some leftover cement in a disposable cup and called it art? No?

How could you forget this!?

Its been outside since last year and surprisingly nothing has gone wrong with it. It survived both the  Snowmagedden AND Monsoon of 2015 without a chip or fade. It almost gives me the confidence to try:

I like the off-centered ones the most.

I guess they skim coated and etched while still wet - like writing your name in wet pavement but more socially acceptable.

I was wondering how they made these round ones so smooth:

Turns out they used one of those hollow glass bowls from the 80s and just filled the void with cement! I'd be scared of breaking the glass.

So let's say you though filling a glass bowl was lame. How do you feel about filling a rubber doll head instead? 

Appreciating the bowl now more, right?

Hypertufa sounds like a delicious dessert but its just soaking fabric in "cement water" then fashioning it into art or (most commonly) a planter. This one was draped over a bucket, I wager.

Man I wish I were a woodworker.

This one is really neat - see it at the front of the picture below:

Isn't it weird when a vignette like this is in someone's yard? It makes me think of death in a Victorian novel - as if someone had a wonderful torrid tryst here and died of the plague two days later so their heartbroken partner refused to move anything away and even let the cushions decay.

Or maybe it just belongs to someone who likes rust. To each their own!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hey there, long time no see!

We closed up the little thrift shop for the summer and on my way home I dropped by the Salvation Army:

Pyrex - 1.99
Planter - 1.99
Dansk - 1.99
Batter Bowl - .99
Fire King Mugs - .49 each

Hear that sound? Its the sound of my pancake game going up a level! I've always wanted a batter bowl and it being Fire King makes it that much sweeter!

This is dishwasher damaged right? The fading is so consistent I couldn't decide so I just decided to pick it up and try to dump it locally.

I was JUST talking about umbrella planters last month when I decided to put cuttings in a bundt pan. Spoiler Alert: they died. 

So I replaced the plants with some annuals, threw a solar light in the middle, covered it with a glass "thing" and called it a day. Then it rained and mud seeped out the bottom.

Sure, I could run out and move it every time it rains but who wants to live life like that? Not I, internet buds. Not I.

The Dansk was so grody I almost left it but then decided it would look amazing full of hens and chicks.

Of course one application of Barkeeper's Friend removed almost every scuff so now I plan to put it on eBay instead.

Such is life.

In news of things I didn't buy:

Don't you love these ruffle bowls? Someone even drilled a hole in the center already! I picked it up to see if it was marked (no) and a lady next to me said the center was for a candle. I just nodded and put it back down. I haven't managed to sell the Fenton marked one I have, forget buying unmarked stuff!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Another Slow Week - Must be summer!

Only five sales this week but my sales always slump in the summer so no biggie:

Sold for $6
This was one of the first things I bought when thrifting for eBay and something I would NEVER buy today. There wasn't any identification and they're an odd size. I'm so glad they are gone!

Sold for $15 - gotta love old sealed media

Sold for $6.50

Paid .29 each, sold the pair for $5.50 well over a year later
When thrifting for eBay try not to purchase stuff with images readily found everywhere else.

Paid .29 each, sold lot for $10
I think this was my second set of pins sold - only 4-5 more to go!

I'm pretty content with five sales this week. If I sold five things weekly for about a year the eBay room would be empty!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Plenti's Phone Number and General Hogwash

Rite Aid used to have a smoothly functioning rewards program for ages. If there was ever an issue it could be resolved with one call.

Well last month they handed the rewards program over to Plenti, run by AMEX and Its underwhelming.

Here's their ridiculously hard to find phone number: 1-855-753-6841

and I wish you luck having anything resolved.

I had an issue with $10 in missing points on May 30th and e-mailed twice about it without a response. I finally got through to a live phone representative who said they are swamped, staying late, etc etc but just very backlogged at the moment. She didn't even want to look up my information to see if it was in the queue!

Your company belong to AMEX, you guys can afford to hire some temps and get stuff done!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

a Facebookian Garage Sale

Do you belong to any facebook garage sale groups? I used to belong to a couple but pared it down to the one for my city. Of course this city is sprawling so its not always "local."

Anyway, I picked up two metal plant stands for $15 today - not a spectacular deal but I have a lot of potted plants and these are sturdy. I plan to put the round one in the living room and leave the square one outside.

Aren't brown preserved flowers so sad? They are attached from below the glass with clear contact paper. Unfortunately that paper is gummier than the bottom of a Sunday school desk so I will probably need a gallon of goop off. Depending on how much work it turns out to be I may just ignore the one staying outside.

The lady was also running a garage sale so I bought 3 .50 cookbooks.

So she mentioned putting something of hers on eBay so I did my usual prying and it turns out she mostly sells clothing - BORING! She kept talking a big game but it turns out she only has about 20 active listings at a time.

How cute.

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

More Hibiscus, More Hibiscus!

Last I mentioned them I'd been battling spider mites on my hibiscus:

I'm happy to report they've bounced back!

The one in the larger pot even has small buds!

Well my husband and I were at ShopRite (supermarket) and these tall hibiscus trees were only $10! $10! Its about 3-4 feet tall. I brought it home on the floor in the back seat of my car and only had to lean it a bit to make it fit. My car has fared worse.

Hibiscuses like being rootbound but look at that sad little distended plastic planter. That's a tipping hazard right there! I will keep an eye out for something comparable in size but more solid.

Check out all those buds - I can't wait to see what color the flowers will be.

Friday, June 12, 2015

I failed my typanometry test

I mentioned the other day I've been having some facial/pain numbness so I'm back on the medical wheel. I had a tympanometry and hearing test done this week. I'd just had a hearing test done on May 22nd so everything on that end was the same - still deaf in the left ear, still hearing fine with the right.

There is an odd little test called a tympanometry test which measures pressure in the ear and how it reacts to sound. The last time I had it done was in October and as expected the left ear was completely unresponsive and the right normal.

Well this week both were completely unresponsive.

I don't have words to explain how this makes me feel. I'm terrified this little test was just the first indicator and I will end up completely deaf.