Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Oh Amazon, everyone fails sometimes

Oh guys, today is Amazon's birthday and they took the opportunity to try and unload a bunch of junk unto prime members. I'm not a prime member but my brother is so I peeked in a few times without seeing anything interesting.

Neither did the rest of the internet cause check out twitter:

 Some of my quick faves (cause its too late to read a ton and laugh even more):

Remember when Peppermint Patty went to Charlie Brown's house expecting turkey, but got popcorn and toast? Its kinda like that!

The only Prime we acknowledge is Optimus

At least on Black Friday you can go to the store and punch someone to get the items you want.  

It's like Christmas, but with only gifts your grandma would get you.

Thanks for reminding us that there is a day more disappointing than Monday.

With all the sweet deals on 55-gallon trash bags and duct tape, has been great for the serial killer community

Better luck next year!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Anny: The Name Speech

I'm taking a class on Public Speaking this summer at Ye Olde Community College and our first assignment is a two minute speech on the history of our name. Since I love my name and need to hand in the assignment anyway I may as well blog it up first!

This is the guy who inspired my a beret and denim vest

Back in the 70s my dad probably weighed about what I weigh now, had an afro and a sweet mustache. He also had a friend with a guitar and considered himself quite the romantic. Whenever he fancied a lady he and his friend would drop by for a good old fashioned serenade. Its a good thing this was before the advent of internet, surround sound blu-rays and central air in his town or no one would had heard them!

Unfortunately this was also before the iconic 80s boombox or much more versatile iPods came into play, so he worked with what he had.

And what he had?

was a friend with a very limited song repertoire. From what I've heard "Anny" by Leonardo Favio was the only "romantic" song he knew so my dad made do. I once asked him if he just ignored girls with longer names or forced a rhyme but he just laughed.

This question remains one of my life's mysteries.

Anyway, by the time he met Mom and her two syllable nickname, thus ending his wild serenading days, he still hadn't met a person named Anny so I guess he just decided to make one.

Now the story of my middle name - Ayersy - is much more pedestrian. My mother was a fan of a Cuban hair styling show which aired on Sundays. The host would often use a model named Ayersy.

Thus my initials became AAA and a tremendous roadside assistance childhood sticker collection was sparked.


I need to practice it because I'm a much better writer than speaker (who could say "ended his wild serenading days" without cracking up?) and to make sure I'm about the right length. I also need to buffer for talking too quickly.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Summer Clearance is Starting!

Guys this 18" garden stool weighs at least 30 pounds and is solid ceramic something. Notice how dusty it is, guess at how long it sat on the stock floor and then guess how much it rang up (and was sold to me) for?


One penny!

Not even tax!

These ceramix plant stands were $8.49 each but I can't find their original price because Home Depot pretends anything seasonal disappears as soon as it starts going on clearance.

Your move Lowes!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Time for that Yearly Garage Sale Thing!

Even though I had so much fun saling with my aunts last year I wasn't overly anticipating this weekend. I have so much to list, always sell less in the summer and have become more discerning so saling just doesn't hold the same appeal. However, I love hanging with my aunts and we managed to (over)fill my car once again this year!

$1 - Silver earrings 

This was the sale I bought my movie camera prop at last year. These earrings are marked .925 and solid. I love aqua.

Ironically enough we ended up at a flea market next:

$4 bracelet trio from one of the 300 jewelry vendors

 $20 rug from one of those guys with a van full of rugs

I love the color and shape plus its surprisingly plush. I'm going to replace the Lowes summer clearance rug in the basement with this one.

This sale was ALL the way at the end of a driveway. We drove past and I would have kept going but  something caught my aunt's eye and there was parking so we went in. It was around 2pm and the lady said she'd only had one paying customer at 11am and 2 looky loos.

My aunts bought about $30 worth of embroidered linens and curtains and on the way out one of them bought a $10 set of new dishes in a Gibson box. When we got home and unpacked we found out it was brand new Wedgwood! Just one of the dishes sells for $10 on eBay and my aunt got an 8 piece set with two sizes of mugs, saucers, etc! If only she eBayed :D

I spent $10.50 for the two animated dolls with light up candles, planter and Little People bus with three girls inside.

There is a Little People invasion at my house. If they were to assemble like Voltron they would easily overpower my husband and I.  My nieces are so spoiled but I couldn't pass up the pink bus with working lights, sounds and moving doors.

I also couldn't pass up these pretty little faces. My aunts thought I was buying them for my nieces which is a terrible idea and shows what it was like to raise kids 30 years ago.

"Oh the animated dolls with candle bulbs and long power cord? That's fine for the 2 and 7 year olds to play with!" *shakes head*

I didn't buy anything for a while and was busy congratulating myself until this little bowl undid me.

$4 - Wall scroll candle thing for my sister-in-law, bowl and our 3rd or 4th giraffe

I know you guys are expecting me to eBay it but the bottom is chipped. I am going to keep it and hold it and admire its color every day!

It was weird but almost every sale we stopped at was selling crappy costume jewelry. This sale had the huge store displays with hundreds of pieces up and one bin of "dvds" for $1 each. I spied this Wii game mixed in right away.

$1 - Wii game

On the way to drop off my aunts I bought this pretty little basket. It was the only thing I bought today with the intent to resell and its already on eBay! Don't congratulate me too quickly though because its a lot easier to list things at the top of a messy pile instead of digging under it.

$1 Glass basket

So that was my busy Saturday - how was your? I am Thriftily Sharing:

Friday, July 10, 2015

This is Halloween, this is Halloween

Costume - $2

My husband thought this garage sale find was overpriced until he googled the original price. The best part is it actually fits!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Inspiration Thursday: Calibrachoa (Million Bells) Plant

I bought a couple of million bells plants the other day in one of those pre-arranged planters from the clearance section at Lowes. It was described as a "spiller" plant so I tucked one into my tallest planter and let it flower.

Since then I've learned they are more filly than spilly:

This one was probably trimmed because a lot look like:

How ridiculous is that?! Martha Stewart's twin must be maintaining it.

Mine are red but they come in various colors.

When plantfully-paired they are often used as the "filler" portion at the base of a taller plant.

Although no one has ever said fillers must be kept INSIDE the container. This picture affects me like pictures of kittens and unicorns reached me in first grade.

Petunia pairings look pretty nifty. Million bells are sometimes called Mini Petunias and seem to fill in the flower gaps.

Those monochromatic planters feature white petunias and white calibrachoa.

I am slightly more colorful and plan to relocate my red million bells to the bottom of my tree hibiscus. My regular petunias can Big Plant the newbies and once they fill in they should look amazing.

Thanks internet for helping me appear to have a much better eye for design and horticulture!

I told Mrs. Olson about it:

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Around the Garden

July is underway and things are finally blooming! The first thing I do each morning is open my kitchen window and see if there are any new blooms to be seen.

After one of the toughest prunes I've ever performed the little hibiscuses are flowering - sometimes doubly! I think I killed one of the stems on one of the plants so we'll see what develops. I think if outdoor hibiscus ever developed spider mites in the future I would let nature handle it.

The larger $10 hibiscus plant got moved to one of the Lowes clearance pots with some clearance petunias at the base. I know its advised not to plant thirsty annuals at the base of these trees but I don't plan to overwinter this one. Plus it will look pretty once it fills in!

Part of the reason I don't want to overwinter is because while the blooms are gorgeous they are way too heavy for the stems and end up facing down until they drop off. I don't know if a healthier plant would be stronger or if this one was just ill-fated from being kept in a gallon sized container until I bought it.

I've been using the thrift store basin to grow seedlings. These are Slacker Petunias because others from this batch have been planted around already. Its not too deep and I have it positioned to maximize sunlight so seeds really seem to thrive here.

Speaking of thrive this was one Oopsie wave petunia from Lowes. ONE! I think they're normally $2 or $2.50 at Lowes although I saw them at ShopRite for $1 last month. Wave petunias don't need to be deadheaded and require your utmost negligence to bloom. I think its worth investing in these next year - even at REGULAR PRICE!

Ignore the begonia on the ground - we've had tremendous rainstorms and fragile petals hate those.

I bought another oopsie plant the other day because I wanted the pot and it had a few sad little Million Bells plants along the sides. They've since perked up and bloomed although I can't figure out if they self-deadhead.

One of the plants is chilling with some coleus in my new plant stand. My dad's tenants moved out and left it behind so I bought it home tout suite! Look at how perfectly my .50 planter fits into the top! I was hoping the million bells plant would spill over the side but so far its growing straight up.

Can you see this week's lantern at the bottom? I propped up a regular old solar light inside and it looks fine but I'm not sold on this location.

I don't know if my hens and chicks are growing. I think they are?

Speaking of succulents, I bought two of these baskets at Lowes for $3. They were originally $30 and featured half dead plants. The material is not wood or plastic - maybe some type of resin? I put all the living ones in one container and will use the other to replace my Dollar Tree hanging basket:

The birds have been decimating it in order to (presumably) build nests. I don't want to blame the construction but similar liners from Lowes have fared decently.

Lastly, I planted some zinnias and nothing has eaten them (yet). Last year they were eaten a day into their planting so hopefully my neighbors have much tastier vittles to keep critters entertained!

I am Whats'itting Wednesday: