Saturday, April 19, 2014

How to reset a laser Brother's toner cartridge

I didn't even tell you guys we got a new printer in October - its a Brother MFC9130CW laser printer and it looks like this:

Its toner cartridges look like this:

$85 a cartridge! This is the first laser printer I've had but I've been buying Brother inkjets for so long I forget how much ink costs:

Obviously I turned to eBay for generic toner.

First guy shipped the wrong toner, then said he was out of the right one even though he still had several listed. Plus shipping was so slow the toner ran out and I had to go to Office Depot every day to label and mail my stuff! Stay away from v4inktonerink!

The next seller shipped on the day the toner was supposed to ARRIVE and when it got here the printer wouldn't recognize it. I complained and about 24 hours later he sent instructions on how to reset the count on the cartridge:

DCP-9020CDW, MFC-9130CW, MFC-9140CDN, MFC-9330CDW, MFC-9340CDW
If an error message appears on the LCD display, press the Cancel (X) button to show the main menu.
Press the Fax button to make the numeric keypad visible. Then, locate and only locate the Asterisk (Star) button on the numeric keypad. It is important to remember its location as it will not be lit up later when needed.
Press the Home button to return to the main menu.
Open the front cover of the printer (to access cartridges).
With the front cover open, press and hold the unlit Asterisk (Star) button for 5 seconds.
The reset menu will now appear on the LCD display.
Scroll through the menu to select a color and yield to reset.
The LCD will read "Accepted" once the reset is complete.

HL-3140CW, HL-3150CDN, HL-3150CDW, HL-3170CDW
Open the front cover of the printer (to access cartridges).With the front cover open, simultaneously press the Secure and Cancel buttons.The reset menu will now appear on the LCD display.Scroll through the menu to select a color and yield to reset.The LCD will read "Accepted" once the reset is complete.

Obviously he sent me instructions on different models so this is a "known" issue with his product. Their business model would be greatly improved by taking out the extra 30 seconds to reset the toners before shipping.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Oooooh New USPS Boxes!

The USPS has teamed up with arguably the world's worst delivery person in order to save money, have cooler boxes and make me want to give back all the generic USPS boxes I own.

Check them out at Ye Olde Unfortunately he is only decorating the flat rate boxes. With my eBay 20% shipping discount I can't remember the last time Flat Rate was the cheapest option. What do you think is a lifetime supply of those - 20,30?

Also - good call throwing Spidey on Priority boxes. Those are automatically insured and this is the guy who stops to fight crime every five minutes. If he can never bring the proverbial eggs home do you think he will be able to deliver my mugs?


Also did you know you can order Priority boxes co-branded with the eBay logo right here:

The pictures are tiny and google didn't help me find larger ones but I did find this hilarious thread where a guy made a desk from Priority boxes:

I am all for cross-branding and advertising for the USPS. We live in a world where stamps cost .49 so if Hollywood wants to help foot some of that bill by decorating boxes go for it!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

How I use Pinterest to market my eBayables

Pinterest: (free)

Pinterest is a big scrapbook/collage website. Instead of right click and saving images (or pages) users can "pin" (save) them to accounts and sort them in to virtual "boards" (photo albums).

Think of it as a google images personally organized by you.

Right clicking on your name in the top right pops open this drop down menu. Its pretty self-explanatory. I have two boards - for SALE by ME, where I pin all my listings as I create them and Pimping my Peeps where I pin stuff from my pinterest exchange group (more on that below).

This is what the daily thread on that pinterest group I adore looks like. Every day there is a new thread where users post up to 10 of their for sale links. Other users "pin" their stuff and then "like" the post on Facebook to indicate its been pinned. Users have to pin twice as many "things" as they post so if I only wanted to link to two of my auctions I only need to pin four others.

Pinning from the Pinterest site is easy. See the "Pin it" in bright red on the top left? Click that.

On eBay click the "P" below the item name and right next to the watch list link. Easy peasy.

Some people sell on weird sites or are pinning oddage. For that you need to install the Pinterest button into your toolbar. See the red "P" on the top right of my toolbar? Click that.

When you pin something new it will default to throwing it into the board you last saved to. Changing it is a simple pull down.

So that's how you pin.

Pinning has drastically improved my sales. I guess a lot of browsers (especially from overseas) will search Pinterest for stuff like "grey levis jacket" and find themselves on an e-commerce website without meaning to. Also getting multiple views on an item from different parts of the world will give eBay listings a temporary boost in search.

Before pinning my sales weren't that great. When the group was closed and regrouping last week I didn't have a single sale. It takes me about 15 minutes each morning to pick my pinnables and repin others and really pays off in the end.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Its time to play - CHECK YOUR DEFECT RATE

Defect rates go into play in August but today is the first day you can check how you will be doing.

Click and there will be a pop-up showing how you would be graded if Defection were happening now (instead of August).

Here is a snapshot of mine:

I don't even remember the item not as described transgression - maybe that dumbass who ordered a media mailed thingy and then complained cause it was slow and mishandled. The cancelled transaction was from last summer and my Total Bad. My parents were visiting and needed pain killers so I went into the eBay stash, forgot to end the auction and well - you know that ditty.

We're graded for an entire YEAR in order to keep top rated status (and the more important 20% discount).

I seem to be ok - how did you do?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What it sold for - Thank goodness for Pinterest

If I had any Pinteresting doubts they were resolved this week. The Pinterest exchange group re-opened Saturday morning and I had my first sale since it closed within half an hour.

I had ten total sales this week and five were between Saturday and Sunday. Only three were thrift store goodies:

Jeans - Paid .33, sold for $9

Teapot set without handle - Paid $3.99, accepted best offer of $9
When shopping always make sure these things are handled

HIMYM S1 & 2 - Paid $2 or $4, sold for $15

This week will be better! I haven't been listing daily but plan to rectify that today.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Palindrome week but ESPECIALLY 41414

I bet grade school teachers around the world have been dying for the GREATEST PALINDROME DATES of OUR TIME. Or maybe they've been over it since we kicked in a new century and it keeps happening.

So today my guy and I went to Chilis and ate fajitas.

No lie - there was a sign advertising they were looking for a dishwasher up front. I wonder if the old one saw these things and said "Aww Hell Naw!"


They also had these cute little displays at each table from which you could order stuff, swipe your credit card to pay your bills, play games, etc. My husband tapped the Trivia Game while I was in the bathroom and said he answered one question when something popped up thanking him for buying .99 worth of games. There was a smaller option below to cancel.

Obviously he cancelled but it makes me think the FTC is going to come after Chili's next. It didn't work for Apple or Android guys.

Oh and my fajitas were pork. I enjoyed them.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Review: ifrogz Coda Pop Speakers

Staples has these on clearance for $3.10 although someone on Slickdeals said their store has a 50% off table so he only paid $1.55. I wasn't expecting much but love anything audio and clearance is my weak point. Also - Staples has a great returns policy.

I was pleasantly surprised - sound is great for its size, controls simple and even the texture is spot on.

I streamed an audio mp3 through my shuffle and played music from my iPad over bluetooth. My Stephen King .mp3 has a tinny quality on the loudest setting but sounds fine lower. I've been listening to this story (from a Buick 8) for about a week through my Brookstone boombox and kitchen undercabinet Sony. Obviously both are better speakers and the mp3 sounds much better on them.

Music streamed from youtube via the iPad's bluetooth to the speaker sounds good. I listened to some quieter and louder Beyonce songs and both sound just fine to me. I was surprised by how loud the sound was. I set it on highest and walked with it to show my husband and had to raise my voice to be heard.

This is the super simple "interface." When you slide it to Bluetooth it makes the sound of a soda can being popped open. When you switch back to AUX it sounds like soda being poured to my husband. To me it sounds like creepy static. Still, the audio cues are a nice touch for people with bad eyesight.

The charger/aux/indicator light. I dig simple.

Its tiny with a rubbery exterior to keep it from falling easily. The bottom has a rubberized foam base. Hello my hand!

This has been my portable audio mode of choice since 2012. That Belkin cable retracts (from Staples of course). Cable management makes me happy.

Its not as ugly from the front. The cable is the perfect length at full retraction mode. Still, its significantly larger than my new replacement.

This is my less portable option when in the kitchen. Its a Sony undercabinet radio I've loved forever but never reviewed.

Way more portable! I can carry it in one hand without risking the Dropsies.

This is the charging cable. Not too long, I approve. I'd say about a foot long.

This is as far as the plug goes in though. This is my only complaint since I believe touching the metal during a charge will result in my immediate electrocution. Perhaps unlikely but I watched the entire Six Feet Under series and it changes a person.

Anyway you can plug the other side of the cable into your computer or any old usb charger. Between all the Apple products and cell phones we own there should never be a shortage of these at Chez Random.

The packaging is adorable but has a "cheap" look which the product definitely doesn't have. Hopefully this clearancing will lead to a rebranding and re-release because it really is an excellent speaker. Can you imagine if the case were a metal soda can with all the stuff printed on it?

Seriously - the hilarious details on the sides is INSANE.

The only feature I didn't try was the hands-free answering of calls using the built in microphone.

Seriously - its less than $3.50 with tax - go buy one!

I got my brother a blue one cause he likes sound and blue is his favorite color. I got myself one in red for the same reason. The grey one above is for eBay. I'm considering going back to pick up more. Profit margin for resale is bad but they would make awesome stocking stuffers. (Yep, I think ahead)