Friday, December 19, 2014

Our niece's holiday concert was the cutest thing since her last concert!


I may be a little hashtag biased ;)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Thrifting & Christmassing

Thank you for all the kind words everyone. I'm still struggling with acceptance but am much more chipper. I even thrifted and decorated some more!

Tomorrow is the last day the little thrift store is open in 2014 so Christmas stuff was 50% off:

$3 for the batch

I used to be much less tolerant of holiday cuteness.

My nieces and I have sweet teeth! The rest of the books are to send to my cousin's daughter a few states over for Christmas. Her mom asked for books to build her a library. Have you noticed how much board books weigh!? I am at over 8 pounds so they will ship media mail - blame Santa if they arrive late!

Two bows for our front steps because we are lacking festive curb appeal.

This will be a fun car game :D

I put the little F&F guy next to the tree. I may rustle up some silver baubbles to throw in his basket.

After looking at yesterday's pictures I replaced the fake flowers with Santa's poinsetta. I also hung my husband's uber plush stocking from a reindeer stocking holder.

My own plush pink one has seen much better days. Maybe I will stuff it. Or maybe just put it away. I bought it to match my old pink walls because I was never going to paint. Funnily enough the next tenants have been there over a year and they haven't painted the pink walls either LOL

I hung today's white stocking from the other reindeer. They are a triftecta of softness.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Why aren't all holidays extravagant!?

If you enjoy decorating Christmas is the BEST holiday! Its all about jewelled excess and reflective lighting and utilizing every extension cord in your arsenal!

My husband and I are watching Modern Family so this is a view we have become very accustomed to :D

Trio of trees (CVS circa five years ago) on the end table between the couches

Door from the living room to the rest of the first floor. You can barely see the leg ornament at the top of the picture - its for my hubby who loves silly retro movies :)

The big tree, trio of trees and this door's garland are all on the right side of the room so I ran all their extension cords to a remote light switch and ITS great! Normally I barely turn on holiday lights because moving furniture and stretching is a pain but this I can get with. In fact - I may keep that switch around for our bedside lamps.

Right behind me in the first photo are stairs. I draped some garland and hung those Godinger Santas between railings.

I remember thrifting you like it was yesterday!

I want to replace my Christmas curtains next year because  clips are lame. I did enjoy hooking an ornament to every clip so maybe not SO lame. The flanking stockings are from Target with some vintage holiday pins. I may put this reindeer pin on my coat to signal I am Seasonally-Prepared.

Blowmold Santa decided to stay in our living room. At his feet is one of the $1 Black Friday poinsettas from Lowes in the estate sale vase. I had so much fun that day.

Lit up Santa is Foreboding Santa so he experiences life unplugged.

The top of the blu-ray shelf is a cornucopia of thrift! At the left is my husband's Charlie Brown tree - CVS circa a while ago. I may have gotten that Santa boot at the same time. Then we have blue Santa, AMAZING ornament and another Lowe's poinsetta in a flea market vase.

At the time I thought this ornament and its hook were overpriced but look at it! The colors pulse and change and its has snowflakes on the outside which interrupt the colors. I can't believe the previous owner never even unboxxed it!

Next to the blu-ray stand is the tv stand with various little knick knacks. I didn't want to overload it with breakables since my niece is still 1.5 but maybe next year?

Remember how surprised I was to find this lovely Santa at the crappy Salvation Army? I was forgetting Crappy SA was also in the Jewish part of town LOL

The star is the main tree - of course! This year we went for random ornaments instead of the color/size coordinated ones of yore. Its not as aesthetically pleasing but makes my heart happy.

This one is from our trip to Baltimore. I'd like an ornament from every place we've visited.

Nabbed this last year for my hubby, the teacher

My guy's grandpa made this for him when he was a kid. I like it

and I love my initial so much there are a few random A's around. See the red Swingline in the background? Our tree is fun.

We are hosting Christmas dinner at our house this year - YAY! Other family members normally organize events and we get asked to bring disposable plates, frozen veggies, garlic bread and other non-culinary but necessary items. My husband says we will be making our Famous Call to the Pizza Place but I'm ambling to prove we can cook.

We will be eating in our new basement dining room so I stuck festive stuff on the windowsills. In retrospect that crystal nutcracker at only $1.49 was a steal! Those are Ikea candle stick holders my husband garage saled for me and I think the reindeer were thrifted too. The glass Christmas tree in the first basement pic was definitely garage saled.

We eat family style so this plastic angel probably won't have a place at the dinner table but its cute for now.

You can barely see it in the first picture but I nestled two of my Kostas in the garland just like that post from last year.

So that's 98% of Christmas decor at our house! We have some random ornaments sitting around but nothing worth blogging about. Thank you so much to Laura for hosting this Christmas round up and being patient while I blogged it all out!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hearing Loss & Depression

I went to see a specialist at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary to discuss my hearing loss. I waited two weeks to get the appointment and was in limbo in the meantime. I haven't listed, I haven't thrifted and the only things I did were mail eBay orders and place more on-line.

My hope was a series of medications or an operation would work a miracle but nope. The hairs inside my inner ear, which transmit sound, are dead and there just isn't any way of regenerating them. I have idiopathic ssnhl. 4000 reported cases in the US. 75% get better on their own within weeks or in response to medical treatment. I fall in the other 25% which means I am one of approximately 1000 people in the US with this.

Its overwhelming.

I need to get a cochlear implant in order to transmit sound from my deaf left ear to the right normal ear. The ENT had a working model which he attached to the outside of my head so I could try it out. The sound was mechanical and reminded me of recording tapes off the radio as a kid. I won't be able to determine where sound is coming from anymore. Normally ears work in conjunction to determine direction but with only one ear on duty all sounds will continue to be omni. The only time I can successfully determine where a sound is coming from is when its my own footsteps directly beneath me.

All that pain and pressure I've been experiencing? He described it as me "experiencing my hearing loss." I'm in pain because my hearing is dying.

and all that humming and tinnitis? I was reading Shouting Won't Help: Why I--and 50 Million Other Americans--Can't Hear You the author describes them as phantom sounds. The brain is so accustomed to receiving audio input from the ear that it creates its own sounds to compensate for the missing ones. Its akin to hearing sounds in your dreams - the audio cues aren't there but your brain will supply them anyway.

So I have a few next steps to determine what type of implant I will need. Unfortunately these offices are in NY and apparently very busy because I'm voice mailing left and right. The only appointment I've successfully set up was with the Ear Institute on January 2nd to take another two hours hearing test.

Its overwhelming and I'm sad and crying a lot. I'm still in pain and bewildered this happened. I don't know if skipping Loser ENT would have afforded me earlier treatment and I would have responded. Idiopathic means there isn't an explanation for why it happened - I'm healthy without head trauma, funky meds, exposure to loud noises, hereditary compulsion, tumors, autoimmune disease or any other reason for it.

I'm grateful for the chance to get an implant and at least simulate hearing but it will never be normal and I would have rather not lost it at all.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What it sold for: Fuzzy Edition

I am buying and listing so much I forget prices!

Paid .49, sold for $6.40

I can't remember but they sold for $39

Paid .49, sold for $7.80

These guys took a year to sell for $9.10 and were a pain to store because of their legs. Don't buy these!

Paid .25 or .50 and sold for $10.40

Paid $2 and sold for $19.50 quickly PLUS it fit in a padded flat rate envelope. It doesn't get better than that!

Monday, November 24, 2014

More dripware? Don't mind if I do.

I saw these Pfaltzgraff pieces yesterday but wishy-washed and left them. Today they had the sugar bowl and saucers out so I decided to buy a bunch and lot it in with that creamer I've had listed for ages.

Pyrex bowl - 1.99
Saucers - 1.99 for the lot
Everything else - .49 each

If they'd had dinner plates I would have been tempted to buy them for me. How gorgeous is this pattern!?

Looks like someone else's overpriced garage sale rejects.

Anything with an ampersand is automatically cooler!

I almost forgot! I bought this Shark steamer for $14.99. I spilled lasagna on my car seat Friday and was wondering how I would clean it up. Ta-da!

In news of things I didn't buy:

Mikasa mugs - .49 each
Light dripware and external ribbing!? Too bad I love our other mugs so much.

The matching bowls and plates sorely tempted me. That huge stack of plants was only $4.99 and the bowls were $2.99 for 6. However our dishware is perfectly a-ok and I don't plan to replace it until I find jadite.

Hear me universe? Jadite Plates Please.

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Just keep buying McCoy

Do you guys find yourselves consistently buying a certain type of "pretty thing" for eBay even if its not like anything in your homes?

Tweety mug - .49
McCoy & Hull mugs - .99 each
Bowl - .99
Ornament - .99

I told you prices had gone up so I was surprised to see this one still at .49

I love this handle! There was a matching cup but unfortunately chipped.

My husband's goddaughter is named Amanda.

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