Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lets just be Canadian

Our bipolar winter continues!

Yesterday in the upper 40s with a slight drizzle - all the snow melted

I'm so glad I'm not a tree

Its the Pinecone Bandit of Mowing Strife

Even our teensy cherry tree looks like its trying to huddle up!

Since we're stuck inside our wonderfully warm homes I updated the little thrift store's facebook page with some crafty thrifted ideas:

All Pinterested, of course.

This is a much more sophisticated version of the lantern I picked up yesterday. The battery operated lights I own are too large to fit through the neck opening though.

It came from a page full of the best garden inspiration:

If we had taller trees I would totally decorate them all the time. Our Cherry tree is about 4-5 feet tall.

I'm not saying the waterproof, weather resistant, color fading resistant striped Kmart fabric on my hammock isn't pretty. I'm saying this is exquisite.

Ditto this. Its fabulous to admire (see the bed on the left) but think of the mosquito breeding spaces. I bet this is in Seattle.

The Pinterest term to search is "Bohemian Garden"

Well its barely noon, I'm going to work on some eBaying (of course) and maybe get some seed starters in pots. Stay Cosy!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Shockingly - I broke NOTHING!

I had all this in one bag without any ounce of protective wrapping:

May not look like much but the Partylite candle holder is heavy!

I kept picking this up and now that EVERYTHING in the store is half off I decided to get it. Maybe a solar light wants to live inside? Maybe a plant? I never claimed to be a Glass Whisperer.

Ditto for the creepy bunny musical spinny thing. I can't even look at this picture.

Cherished Teddies were $1.50 and I bought one which I thought would be a quick flip. Spoiler Alert: Cherished Teddies are never quick flips.

More teeny toys for my niece. So far she has taken home the Powerpuff Girls toys and most of the MLP.

This bird looked cuter in its packaging. Right now it just looks creepy. Why didn't they twig in an eye!? I may take this one back too.

Another one I am remorsing over - this is so unlike me! I love copper and the glass is very heavy. Do you think they are eBayable or should I just redonate back?

I am talking Vintage:

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What it sold for: I don't know what I'm doing right edition

So I ended up selling 56 items in February. This is AWESOME as its the shortest month and I maintain an average of 250 auctions. Guess what happens when you sell 50+ items in such a short period? Organization happens!

March has started off in a similarly lovely fashion with five sales under my belt already :D

Here's stuff I was happy to see (FINALLY) go:

Paid $4 sometime last summer and FINALLY sold for $10
Steer clear of these - they are adorable so everyone bought them before realizing they didn't want them. The red Hershey's fondue kit could be eBay's unofficial logo.

I got 4 bids on this one (rarity) and it finally went for $13.03

.25 each and sold for $7
I'm ambivalent on these Hard Rock shot glasses. On the one hand they require very little storage space and are cheap. On the other hand the market is supersaturated with common locations so they take forever to move and profit isn't spectacular.

Paid .25 and sold for $8 the first or second week. Gotta love those quick sales!

Paid .60 and they went for $20 within days. I have the matching saucers up but I do not expect a quick flip on those.

Paid .25 and sold for $9 within the first month too.
Listing clothing is tedious but when its this cheap it entails zero risk.

Paid $4 and sold for $18 1 or 2 months later. It turns out this was a Barnes & Noble edition and people just liked looking at it. I had 13 watchers before someone finally bit the bullet.

How was your February? I hope you cleared out tons of inventory too!

Monday, March 2, 2015

and then I bought EVERYTHING!

Between all the eBay sales and my lack of recent thrifting the eBay room was becoming...manageable! I could even make a reasonable path through without danger of major topplage. Until now:

Vase/Frog: 4.99
Grandma figurine: 2.99
Steepers: .69 each
Mug: .24

Stool: 9.99

a little steep and I originally thought I could use it as an indoor plant stand. Then I saw its a little stool and thought it would be great for photographing eBayables. I shoot on a desk height surface and spend a lot of time crouching.

UPDATE: This thing costs $69 (on sale) on Amazon! I  should probably craigslist it instead.

I am not a proud democrat but I love random cheap mugs.

What are these things called? The smaller one is pictured above inside the mug.

Made in China so nothing special but I love mint green and my Imaginary Anny Self arranges cut flowers. No, I haven't used the last frog (purchased at the same store) but I just looked at it yesterday and it made me happy.

This darling figurine plays music and was surprisingly undamaged. If the girl were a brunette I would give it to my mom.

I swung by the Salvation Army afterwards and:

Ghosts book: 2.99
Imaginary Encyclopedia: 2.79
Cookbook: 1.99
Set of 4 mugs/holder: 1.99
Candle holders: .99
Fire King sugar bowl: .49

Saucers: 1.99 each set of four (2)
8 Fiesta mugs: .49 each

I haven't listed the last batch I purchased because I can't figure out if I should sell as a (really heavy) lot or try to sell as individuals. I've had the two individuals from last year listed at $7 for months and no one has purchased them so I need to change my plan.

This book is INCHES deep!

The Imaginary Things Encyclopedia is full of awesome illustrations and nonsense. I love the library but keeping stuff is fun too.

I just bought this cookbook because owning cookbooks leads to food automagically appearing. Also, I met with a dietician today and she made me sad.

I like the polar bear but don't need more winter decor so eBay can have it. I'm ready for the next season.

These are heavily crazed but made in Taiwan so I got them. The shelf is really flimsy plywood so I may chuck it.

More Fiesta - so weird after the last yearlong drought! This one has both the embedded stamp AND the stamped....stamp. Does stuff normally come this way and later wash off? Its the first time I see both.

Check out that saucer - I don't even need to break out the Bar Keeper's Friend before listing!

I am Thriftily Sharing:

Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Monthly Goals - Let's Get Healthy(ish)

Well last month's goals had their ups and downs:
  1. List more - Check
  2. Donate weekly - Check
  3. Set up surround sound - Uncheck
  4. Velcro tie some of these random cables - Check
  5. Get a doorknob - Uncheck
  6. Try new recipes - Check

My annual check-up in showed I had higher than normal cholesterol levels. Since my dad developed high cholesterol around my age I wasn't shocked. My doctor wants to redo the bloodwork in March but I don't expect major changes. I have an appointment with a nutritionist (aren't I fancy?) Monday so I anticipate a healthier month:
  1. Eat at least one piece of fresh fruit daily
  2. Exercise for at least half an hour twice a week
  3. Have oatmeal breakfasts on most days
 Throwback Goals:
  1. Set up the surround sound for the basement projector.
  2.  Get a doorknob on my bedroom closet. Ibid what I said about 1 1/2 years

Bonus Goal:
  1. Keep listing at least one new item per number of days in the month. The eBay room is almost manageable and my sales last month were phenomenal!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Who doesn't love eBay freebies?

Since eBay wants to make money they are encouraging sellers to sign up for a seven week business plan:

I got the e-mail two weeks ago but trashed it because eBay loves e-mailing all the time anyway and they didn't mention freebies. Then one of the facebook groups signed up and they got:

a file folders, measuring tape AND moleskin notebook journal! Check out the branding!!!

Of course I signed up immediately and two-three days later received this via FedEx:

eBay tape, measuring tape and pen/stylus hybrid!

This is my NEW favorite pen! Isn't it funny how I didn't know stylus/pen hybrids were a thing until just the other day?

At first I was going to keep the tape and treasure it forever but then I came to my senses. I use too much tape to keep random rolls around.

I like the measuring tape and plan to use it wrapped around mugs and stuff.

Thanks eBay! Next time mention freebies and I will respond sooner!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Clematis? I barely know her!

Hey remember that plant we had last summer which came out of nowhere and looked like a lily??? You know which one! Its actually a clematis according to our favorite thrifter from down under:

I dropped by for instruction because wikipedia is too wordy with too few pictures: It says the vine grows by latching with its leaves, instead of twining. This explains why ours didn't grow much - the spaces on the trellis were too far apart.

Don't worry little plant, spring is coming and I will rig that trellis for you!