Thursday, November 20, 2014

Are blowmolds still good sellers?

My local Salvation Army and little thrift store have spoiled me so much I only go into Goodwill if I am driving past anyway. In fact my Goodwill tag says I haven't bought anything there since August.

I drove past today on my way to Ikea and

$12.99 Santa
.49 mug

He lights up and the paint is in good shape. This is the worst of his damage. It looks like he was scraped being set up or stored. I saw one sell for $60 while in the store but didn't note the September date. Someone else is selling it for $30. I may try putting it on Craigslist and if he doesn't sell welcome him to our home :)

This is the mug. I love selling (read shipping) mugs and this is the season to sell! The bottom says Croft or Craft.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Its official - our nieces have more toys at our house than their own

Someone asked Apartment Therapy how to make their home comfortable for visiting children. Amateurs! Even when I lived with roommates I always made sure my nieces had toys and books to read. Now that we own a home? Pack and play, changing mat, high chair, toys, books - heck we even have bath toys and Aveeno for Babies stocked.

Of course I've always spent time with kids and love thrifting!

Thrifting whilst volunteering. That green mug is a Starbucks mug; I hadn't found one of those in a while. The 1977 book is for my husband to flip through because he was born that year. The basket is to replace the one I bought last week which was too small.

First ugly Christmas sweater of the year

Little People Garage, plane and a loud little toy with animals

This is the third time I buy this guy. He was part of that farming set my older niece decided to keep and also part of the set I craigslisted earlier this summer. Oddly enough that blue thing switches hands.

I rushed through my post-thrifting errands because I was going to buy this from Le Creuset thing from a facebook seller who lives about three minutes away. $5

Those gift baskets I have to assemble are for this Friday. I googled around and like this blogger's get well soon basket. Remind me to buy two lemons or limes tomorrow!

I picked up a pair of honey blend bears from Rite Aid. They cost $1 but with my 20% buy way too much stuff discount they only cost .80 each.

That's because the honey is mixed with corn syrup.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What it sold for: Hurry and List Edition

The latest eBay listing promotion ends tonight and I was so busy with mom/hearing loss docs I hadn't been listing at all. Now I am way behind!

Not as behind as my buyers though - I had SIX unpaid items from last week but four paid today. Its as if they knew I was going to type up my weekly "what it sold for" post and didn't want to be called out as deadbeats!

Was this $2? Sold for $13 a few months later

.29 or .49, sold for $9.10

Paid $1, sold for $5

Paid .99, sold for $9

Paid .29 or .49, sold for $8

Was this $3 or $4? Sold for $11
Remember I told you audio books always sell? Remind me audio books with a story people want to hear sell faster. The other two books sold months ago.

Paid $2, sold for $12 - I thought this would sell faster

This one was .50 from that disgruntled ex-Mets fan, sold for $14.30.

Christmas shopping is happening! I sold everything last year and I look forward to having walking room in the eBay room. Now that we've style-cured the guest room its time to move on to the last disaster in the house!

Monday, November 17, 2014

I am gonna take a stand and say I dislike Price Hikes

The Salvation Army got a pricing gun and no longer handwrites everything. They also hired a few more guys to move furniture around.

Know what this means?

Prices have gone up!

99 cents for a mug!

This is a Life is Good mug and should sell fast so .99 is fine but you know how I used to buy dozens upon dozens of mugs for .29? Not anymore - almost every mug is .79 now - even the generic white ones.

I complained to the manager because she was hanging near the register and she said everything went up because they have new management. I told her that explains the overly stocked knick knack shelves ;)

.99 mug
.49 vase

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Maybe audiologists are just jerks

I had my fistula test yesterday morning - negative as expected. The test took less than a minute - the audiologist put an earplug with a tube attached in my ear then changed the pressure. Then he had me close my eyes and did it again. I didn't pass out from vertigo so all is well.

On the downside I'm still deaf and no one knows why.

So after the test the audiologist asked a few questions - leading with did anyone check for tumors. I think everyone who gets MRIs/MRAs looking for tumors but is clean should get a shirt saying "Tumor Free, That's Me!" Also, I think audiologists suck at small talk. Granted I've only met two but both have been real bummers.

Next up the ENT injects steroids directly into the middle ear. After that I surmise they give up and we start talking hearing aids.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The family which thrifts together...ends up with overly cluttered homes together

The intermittent church rummage sale is winding up for the year! The ladies told me the next one will be the last one until spring! Its indoors so I don't understand WHY!

$1.50 Serenity Prayer breakable for that basket I am putting together for Friday
.50 Degas mug

Mom went with me and got:

$1 glass jar
$1 alarm clock for the guest bedroom at her house
.50 address book

My mom is unironically retro.

Even though it was about 40 degrees and windy we drove past a garage sale so had to stop by.

Mom bought some .50 picture frames and this family tree frame for .50 as well. We photoshopped a bunch of family pictures into 2" tall size and printed a 4x6 picture.

I got:

.25 birthday necklace for my sister-in-law's bday Friday
.25 book for paperbackswap

Funnily enough when I was growing up my family looked down on garage sales and would never stop. I always wanted to so once I got my own car I started going on my own. As soon as my family saw the awesomeness I was finding they decided saling was cool too. Bandwagonners! Unfortunately my mom lives in another country so we don't really get to sale together much. It was nice going out with her two weekends these last two weekends.

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Its my Birthday!

Huzzah 36!

My niece wrote my name on a birthday balloon. Tia (Aunt) Anny is still the sweetest name I've ever been called.

and my husband got me a dulce de leche birthday cake. In lieu of Happy Birthday he just went for my name in really big letters. :D