Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Revlon's Customer Service Gets a Plus One from me

Funnily enough, just after yesterday's post regarding customer satisfaction, I received a package from Revlon. I'd purchased one of those fancy schmancy toe nail clippers at CVS at least five years ago and surprisingly it lasted until 2015!

I say surprisingly because the metal parts were actually silver plastic instead of the metal you'd expect in something designed to sever toe nails.

Since I knew it had a lifetime warranty I dropped it into the mail and sent it to Revlon's offices in NY (since it was the only address on the website). Apparently this was the wrong place since they forwarded the broken clipper to NC.

In less than a week I'd received this generic but super strong clipper in the mail:

If this thing ever breaks I better resign myself to trying out for the Guiness Toenail record!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Is it 2031? Cause my Phillips LED bulb burned out!

Back in 2011 I was a HUGE Unclutterer.Com fan. It was one of the sites I would check daily before even getting out of bed. Their 2011 gift guide suggested four electronic items and I ended up buying two of them!

Unfortunately one of them was this cute little Phillips LED bulb which should have lasted over 20 years but conked out Friday after barely four. Considering I'd paid over $20 for it I waited until their offices were open this morning and gave them a call at (800) 555-0050.

My model isn't being produced any longer (someone must have realized the bulbs were jarringly inattractive) but they are going to mail me a new one. All they needed was the serial number from the side of the bulb.

So next time your LED bulbs burn out try giving the makers a call. Judging by how quickly my "issue" was resolved I'm not the first questioning consumer.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Most of my furniture is moved by force of will

Its been a while since I visited the Goodwill but I was in the neighborhood and came home with:

in the backseat of my husband's car (cause fitting this inside a Sentra would have been impossible! Can you tell what it is?

an extremely heavy horizontal bookcase! It was $50 and I think it will look great as a buffet/sideboard in the basement dining room we've used twice in over two years. ;)

The room gets a decent amount of light and our plants successfully weathered the winter down there last year so I plan to house all the plants down there once its assembled.

I just need for the drill I ordered so I can assemble it and get it off the kitchen floor.

I also picked up Wii Play for $3.99 because I confused it with Wii Sports and thought my niece might like it. Unfortunately this is the one she doesn't like.

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Lets Rummage Around

I used to go to a church's monthly rummage sale last year and buy all sorts of stuff for VERY cheap. I don't think I ever flipped anything for a lot of money but its fun to look. They were closed all summer so I figured they had decided to stop hosting the sale.


Its back! They are going to be open every other weekend until spring. Look at all the stuff I got for ONLY $3! Of course, I didn't need any of it but still...what a bargain!

2 Costumes, 1 Crown, 6 Foam tombstones, 1 Happy Halloween tape - $3!

I'd just talked about a faux (obvy) grave site last week

We have these green Grim Reaper lights from Rite Aid we used last year which would look pretty cool in front of the tombstones - even if they don't match our costumes.

My nieces love wearing the crown I got them last year.

I originally picked this up to flip on eBay because they keep promising $10 if you sell something in their Halloween shop but it would fit the younger niece and is SO CUTE! I may keep it for dress up purposes.

This matches the costume I bought this summer so I kind of want to keep it for another year when we are slightly creepier.

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Angela Clayton is a Genius!

This Halloween I'm dressing up as Elsa from Frozen. I bought this costume at Kmart:

and went on-line seeking ideas on how I could make it light up. I found:

at https://doxiequeen1.wordpress.com/2014/12/04/making-a-christmas-angel-costume-part-one/

I kept reading and guess what? The seamstress is a self-taught 17 year old! Her blog is quite clever and full of different ways she copes with mistakes through the learning process.

According to her blog she is working on a portfolio so she can get a job as a costumer. I'd hire just based on her blog.

I was excited to see she'd created her own Elsa costume: https://doxiequeen1.wordpress.com/elsa-the-snow-queen-frozen/ Until I read this part: "Over a hundred thousand rhinestones were hand applied across the ten yards of material to create snow flake designs."

My costume needs to be ironed but I've chosen to let it hang in the doorway for over a week hoping the wrinkles come out.

Spoiler Alert: They haven't.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Two days at the store is dangerous!

I've been back at work for less than a month and I have already cluttered our house! I need to sell (list) more! I suppose I could donate more or bring home less but willpower is hard :(

Shoes for my sil, tights and toy for nieces - rest for me

I bought these to wear with my Halloween costume but they are yellowed along where they were folded for who knows how long. Any suggestions on fixing them?

A necklace and seasonally appropriate pin.

Someone donated three brand new pairs of these in 9.5. How weird.

I went to a garage sale this summer where they were using one of these as their actual register. They had a ton of stuff and the register was stuffed.

My niece is going to learn about money this year but my husband thinks I should take it to accounting class instead because our teacher wants us to bring in a simple calculator. Goofball!

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I guess I collect Corningware

I picked up my first two pieces of Corningware at a garage sale about seven years ago. Since then I've added, culled and added again.

Of course they've re-released their lines with sexy curved handles and I want to re-start my collection:


The usual eclectic lot

Bodum for eBay, calculator for my accounting class (which is REALLY hard!)

This store two Barbies and all her clothes.

I am going to give it to my niece

What an odd gift

I know these are considered uber retro - like 50s retro but I remember having them in my kindergarten classroom in the early 80s. Either we were dangerously underfunded and broke (truth) or Ms. Fuentes was ridiculously retro (not true).

I shared at Vintage Bliss: http://www.womaninreallife.com/2015/09/time-for-tea-vintage-bliss-tuesdays.html