Friday, May 22, 2015

Garage sale? Delftian!

I saw this sale on my way to my hearing check-up and stopped in on my way back

Delft planter - .50
Books - .25 each
Mug - .25
Necklace - .25
Tape & Braces - .5 each (why not?)

The audiologist says hearing is the same. Being left eared deaf is a bummer but I've gotten used to it. The key is adapting a lot.

I thought this was junk jewelry until I picked it up - turns out its pewter. The chain is junk. I haven't decided if I will keep it.

I'm still trying to propagate african violets. The vase on the left is one I garage saled about six years ago. 

The insert fits inside the new Delft - albeit not as elegantly. No rush -at the rate propagation is going I won't need a vase for it until 2016.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Inspiration Thursday: My Own Garden!

 Look at this uber fancy Miracle Gro my husband just ordered for me from Amazon!

The middle number is for blooms so I am expecting everything to BLOW up!

Speaking of blowing up - peep this clematis vine!

Zero effort guys, you should all get one too.

Look at all those waiting buds!

The azalea is already losing blooms but that's ok. It was a baby last year and this year is about 1.5 feet tall.

Speaking of 2015 increases - last year we had one peony. This year it looks like we will have 12 (but who's counting)!

TWO YEARS later I finally figured out this is Sedum Spurium "John Creech Stonecrop." There is a ton of information on it here: and the internet insists it has pink blooms. It also says it enjoys drier situations - explains how much it loves being under this little water hog tree. I've tried pansies, marigolds and impatiens and they all dry up here.

Now that it was id'd it was time to propagate. The usual - remove leaves, dunk in rooting hormone and sit around in water. See my little impatiens on the left? I will miss them when its time to go send them outside.

Within a week I had enough root formation to consider it a success. Other times I did this without rooting hormone it took weeks to develop roots. Well worth the $5.

Seeing how well one plant did I decided to take 9 more cuttings! I want to fill in the entire ring under the tree and maybe move on to the hell strip in front of our house this year. I decided to leave these cuttings outside because I saw little red bugs hanging out by them. Ick!

Side note - the glass table was $3.99 at SA, the glass plate was $1 at that church sale I loved perusing last year and the vases were $1 for 25 at a different sale two years ago. Even the original plant cutting was a piece a friend of my husband's handed us!

Speaking of thrifted outdoor decor - its a buoy! Our cherry tree has a buoy earring :D

Here are some bonus shots from dad's front garden:

I just painted this half wall grey and I KNEW it would look glorious once these rambling roses bloomed. Sadly there are too many to deadhead so it normally gets one cycle. I will try to photograph in a week or so.

This was the Stop and Shop rose I planted. Zero filters guys - this rose is yellow inside and red edged.

There is perfection blooming all over the place.

I admit when I look at his roses I feel tempted to root some here but its just so much work. Deadheading and trimming and disease - no thanks. I prefer plants which just want to be watered all the time.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Purse - 1.50
Plush - .25 each
Ties - $1 each

There have been a lot of new purse donations recently

This little guy has a record and play button. I thought my niece would like to play with it.

Its been almost a year so I placed another order for ink cartridges. The seller still has the best price but unfortunately packing standards have dropped.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

What it sold for: what does Go Daddy want? edition

Six sales this week! I listed a lot and made sure to pin daily and things started moving. Only two were thrifted for resale:

Paid $1, sold for $15
I'm surprised this was such a dawdling sale - I bought two of them back in 2013 and it took almost two years to get rid of one. The other has just begun its own tenure on eBay.

Paid .50, sold for $10

This blog is housed on blogger but I pay for the domain name through GoDaddy. I jut got an e-mail saying:

"Microsoft® has ended support for the specific Windows® software on the server where is hosted. We're going to decommission the server on June 24, 2015, as it will be vulnerable to security risks.

Since we're retiring the server, we're providing a free year of hosting on a newer server powered by Parallels® Plesk."

Sounds serious - if confusing. Sounds like its time for a call to tech support since last I heard blogger wasn't affected by it.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Well Mad Men ended but would I recommend it?

So Mad Men ended last night - the same way it played out for all these years - with snippets of quiet desperation.

I garage saled my first season of Mad Men six years ago, couldn't eBay it and finally sent it to swapadvd the next year. I didn't have any desire to watch it until years after that when I finally binge watched in Netflix. You know what? I liked it.

It was gloomy, slow paced, no one was ever happy and even when they were successfully making money everyone was two drinks away from ruining their lives.

I kept hoping things would get better.

They never did.

I kept expecting exciting new developments but it mimicked real life with a slow pace.

In the end I was left with a hollow feeling - I'd watched a charismatic, depressed man from yester-year float through seven years. He was the main character so everyone else's genuine feelings were a desaturated background.

So now we have Mad Men in its totality - encapsulated - complete. Don Draper's actor went off to  rehab. I wouldn't recommend this show to someone who'd never watched it. Sure, feel free to watch it if you love vintage decor or are pretty bummed about life. Mad Men and a lot of ice cream would probably assuage a broken heart. In a frozen winter when everyone is snowed in this would make an appropriate backdrop.

but if you're basically content with life, enjoying this gorgeous spring weather and soaking up all the sunlight you can just stay away from Mad Men

its a steady, constant buzzkill with really clever lines

Sunday, May 17, 2015

My first Influenster box

Huzzah my first Influenster box arrived! I signed up at and was surprised to see full sized products:

Look at all the goodies to sample:

They included a price sheet, which is a nice touch. Oftentimes I will get samples and not have a price expectation to gauge against.

I'm most looking forward to trying out the Not Your Mother's and Sally Hansen products.

What about you? Are you an Influenster peep?

Saturday, May 16, 2015

that time I got an Open Puzzle

I was supposed to pick up some hostas early this morning from the craigslist lady but she mentioned she wouldn't be home until later because her town was having a citywide garage sale day.


The day was overcast but I picked up my aunts and we headed two towns over. At the first sale I picked up:

2 Sealed puzzles: $1 each
Freebie Harry Potter puzzle because I told the lady I don't risk buying used puzzles but look:

She was right - all the pieces were there! Side note: puzzles are hard.

It was starting to drizzle by the time we made it to the next sale. I bought these four coasters for $1 because they were pretty. I really think I bought them because subconsciously they reminded me of the clay coasters I've been tinkering with outside.

The skies opened so I drove my aunts back home but THEN the sun came back out (are you feeling the suspense?) so I drove back towards Hosta Lady and stopped by another garage sale.

Large candle: $1
Ikea lights: $1 for both
Wire holders: $1 for both
Starbucks mug: .50

I've admired these at Ikea in the past but their website is pretending they never existed. I can't even find them on google now!

I bought these planning to put plant pots in them without realizing they were oval (rather than round). What are they for, internet?

After this I bought some more hostas and stopped at one more sale on the way home:

Circus animal holders: $2
Cutco knife block: $1
Murano dish: $1
Starbucks mug: .50
Toucan bowl/mug: .50
Purse holder: .50

I was surprised eBay only wants $15ish for these. They're silver plated and quite solid.

Trifecta of profit!

I'd been wanting one of these purse holders, for the oddball day when I carry a purse but the hook seems too low for me.

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